First Name Last Name Department/Title Extension Email
Meg DeLange Administrative Assistant 2300
Teresa Sullivan Secretary 2301
Julie Aievoli Instructional Aide
Maurice Bowers Head Custodian
Karen Mack Cafeteria Manager
Lora Bagdasarian Special Education Aide
Beth Bichnevicius Instructional Support Aide
Leno Brannon Custodian
Jill Definbaugh Instructional Support Aide
Julia Deitch Learning Support Aide
Donna Diberardinis Learning Support Aide
Carrie Dickman Supervisor of Special Education 6276
Jennifer Duguid Lunchroom Monitor/Instructional Support Aide/Recess Monitor
Ryan Farrell Supervisor of Special Education 6164
Lori Guidos Autistic Support Aide
Lisa Hallahan Instructional Support Aide
Julia Haughton Speech Therapist
Jen Henning Instructional Support Aide
Lina Hijazin Lunchroom Monitor
Diane Hogsett Special Education Aide
Kathleen Jarvis Physical Therapy
Janyce Keyes Instructional Support Aide/Bus Monitor
Virginia Lembo Special Education Aide
Vicki Maristch Autistic Support Aide
Michelle McCarron Library Aide