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Request Bus Stop Change

How to request a School Bus stop change 

To make the district aware of your concerns regarding the location of bus stops, we ask that you notify your child’s school office for a change of stop form or you can click on the link at the bottom of this page for the form.

You will be notified of the approval or non-approval of your request within two weeks of submission. Please note that in the beginning of the school year, the response time maybe greater due to the number of issues at the start of the school term.

School Bus Loading Zones

As required by Section 3345(h) of the Vehicle Code, Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes;

Every school district transporting school children by school bus must establish and maintain school bus loading zones at or near all schools to or from which children are transported. Each school district transporting children by school bus also must establish school bus loading zones along the highways traveled by school buses, in accordance with the Department’s regulations, Title 67, Chapter 104 of the Pennsylvania Code.

Whenever school bus loading zones have been established at or near a school or along a highway, it is unlawful for a school bus driver to stop the bus to pick up or discharge school children at any location other than loading zones.

Parent Request and Exceptions

  • Parents must realize that bus stop assignments cannot be customized to meet every individual need and still be part of an efficient and economical transportation system.
  • The District cannot consider factors that are associated with individual family or parental situations. Such concerns are expected to be resolved by the family, parent, or guardian, not the School District. Examples:
    • Parent not being able to see child walking to bus stop and /or waiting at bus stop
    • Neighborhood feuds or conflicts with nearby residents.
    • Change in parent’s work schedule.
    • Parent not able to walk to bus stop with child because of other obligations.
  • The granting of special transportation services is based on the disability or physical handicap of the child transported as required by the Pennsylvania Regulations at 22 Pa. Code §15.6 and §504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
  • The School District shall not grant special transportation services to accommodate the disabilities or other circumstances concerning caregivers, siblings or other individuals The transportation services include, but are not limited to, changing bus stop locations and changing walking distances.

If you feel you have a request for change that is not already identified above, then please click on the link below to complete the request form and return it to the transportation office.  It will take several days, especially at the beginning of the year for a proper response.

Complete a 'Bus Stop Change Request' by visiting our new Transportation Assistance Center!  If you are parent/guardian and new to the Assistance Center, please click on the 'Self Register' link from the logon screen.