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Day Care Requests

Dear Parent,

The safe transportation of all students is of utmost concern to the school district. Throughout the past several years parents have requested that bus drivers relocate various bus stops. In order to clarify our policy, we have shown below the motor vehicle code regarding school bus loading zones. Please note: The law prohibits a bus driver from changing bus stops without the approval of the school district administration. In order to ensure that the district is aware of concerns regarding the location of bus stops, we ask that you contact your child’s school for the proper form to be completed and forwarded to the transportation office at Downingtown Area School District, 540 Trestle Place, Downingtown, PA 19335 or sent to school with your child in an envelope marked district transportation.

Thank you.
DASD Transportation Team

Daycare Transportation

Complete a Childcare Request by visiting our new Transportation Assistance Center. If you are a parent/guardian and new to the Transportation Assistance Center, please click on the 'Self Register' link from the logon screen.

Transportation Assistance Center 

A student may be transported to and from a daycare center / baby-sitter, rather than his/her own residence. However, the student’s daycare provider must reside within the same school attendance area in which the child is enrolled. The daycare provider must reside on an existing route, since no stops will be established outside of the attendance area or outside of the school district boundaries.

Arrangements for stops at a daycare provider location should be the same Monday through Friday to avoid confusion at the school or the child. The school may assign children to different buses for the morning pick up and the afternoon return trip, however, as stated above, this should be consistent Monday through Friday. If you are not making the arrangement Monday through Friday, a schedule for the month must be provided to the school in advance. These arrangements carry over from one school year to the next unless the district is otherwise notified.

School Bus Loading Zones

As required by Section 3345(h) of the Vehicle Code, Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes;

Every school district transporting school children by school bus must establish and maintain school bus loading zones at or near all schools to or from which children are transported. Each school district transporting children by school bus also must establish school bus loading zones along the highways traveled by school buses, in accordance with the Department’s regulations, Title 67, Chapter 104 of the Pennsylvania Code.

Whenever school bus loading zones have been established at or near a school or along a highway, it is unlawful for a school bus operator to stop the bus to pick up or discharge school children at any location other than loading zones.