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Bus Driver Resources

Master Calendar

Master Calendar will be kept up to date by the Transportation Office.  Please know your schedule and make your supervisor aware of any discrepancies. Bus Conduct Reports - Only state facts on the report.  Only list the name of the reported student on the report.  A supply of Bus Conduct sheets will be given to each contractor.

2024-2025 Master Calendar

Bus Line-ups

Kindergarten Policy

Please be aware of this policy and follow the procedures. If you have a kindergarten student that you need to return to the school, please radio into your dispatch, so that the school can be alerted that you are returning with a student.

  • For the safety of our kindergarten students, a parent/guardian, older sibling, or other authorized adult must be present at the student's assigned bus stop.
    • They must acknowledge the student when the bus driver drops them off at the assigned bus stop.
  • If there is not a parent/guardian, older sibling, or other authorized adult present to acknowledge the student, the bus driver will take the student back to the school. It will be the parent/guardian or authorized adult's responsibility to pick up the student at the school.
  • All kindergarten students will be given an ID badge (bus badge) that must be worn or displayed when riding the bus. This will assist the driver or substitute driver in identifying the student in his/her correct bus stop.
    • The ID badges will be mailed to the students' address prior to the start of school. The information on the badge will be preprinted or completed by the parent/guardian.
    • The badge must be attached to the student's backpack or other visible location. Kindergarten teachers will check if each student has a completed ID badge prior to getting on the bus.

810-AG-1 Student Transportation

DASD Kdg bus badge

DASD Kindergarten Bus Badge 


Survey's are to be done the first week of each month September to June.  Please complete on a day that all of your schools are present.  Please turn the survey in to your supervisor by the 10th of the month. Contractor's are to return all completed surveys into the district office by the 15th of the month.

Monthly Survey Monthly Survey Example Student Tracking Log


When working with regular education and special education students it is critical to protect the student's rights by not talking about individual students or incidents that happen on your bus. If you drive or ride a special needs bus or know of a special needs student on your bus it is extremely important not to discuss the students disability, areas of need, or the names of the students in any environment. It's important that written and oral communication between students and school personnel are confidential. In some circumstances the administrator of the school district may reveal confidential information to a student's parent or legal guardian and other appropriate authorities, including law enforcement personnel.

Please do not discuss with parents or neighbors anything concerning transportation, routes, pupils, parents, teachers, classes or equipment. Any person asking questions regarding school business should be directed to the proper authorities: i.e., teacher, principal, transportation supervisor, or contractor.