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Fight Phishing

It takes a community approach to fight phishing.

From each corner of our organization, it requires the vigilance of everyone to keep data secure.

Thank you for taking the time to review the email and account security resources.

CISA and the NCSA offer countless resources on protecting individuals and organizations.

Fight Phishing
How Criminals Lure You In

Cybercriminals try to lure users in using email or malicious websites to collect personal data and financial information by infecting your device with malware or viruses.  Phishing emails lure users in with a sense of urgency to respond, click a link or open an attachment. Phishing emails mimic real organizations such as financial institutions, ecommerce companies, government agencies, local businesses or an individual. These emails often try to trick you into providing account numbers, passwords or social security numbers. Attackers can use email responses, imposture websites or infected attachments to access a user's account.

Quick Tips

Be suspicious of every email that has the THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK banner.  All external district emails received will have the warning banner.

Before taking action on an email first inspect the following:

  • The sender name and email address. Is the email from someone you know?
  • Is the sender name and email address spelled properly?
  • Does the email subject line indicate urgency?
  • Attachments are common in emails. Did you expect someone to send you an attachment?
  • Call the sender if you think you know them. Did you expect the email? Did the email come in at an unusual hour? 
  • Phishing emails often have spelling errors and bad grammar. Is the email asking you for something like a response, a click or to view an attachment?
  • Identify hyperlinks before you click or tap. Hover your mouse over links and you will see the URL the link intends to take you. Does it look suspicious? On mobile devices, long tap on a link to show where the link will take you.

Did you fall for a suspicious email? Report suspicious emails to the Service Desk.

Submit a Service Desk Request

What is Phishing?