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Software & Systems Descriptions

District Apps/Software

Adobe: A suite of online productivity tools, most notably to open and create PDFs, but also including the Creative Cloud for education.

AimswebPlus: The district's universal academic screener in grades K-8 for math and reading. Student performance on this screener is used to determine the need for academic intervention and/or enrichment.

Blackboard: A mass notification platform that provides users important information via text, email, voice, or on the go via your Smartphone in the end-user language of choice. Blackboard broadcasts are sent at the district or school level, not by teachers. 

Breakout EDU: Breakout EDU is an educational game platform that promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. It is inspired by escape rooms and involves students solving puzzles and challenges to "break out" of a themed scenario. Teachers use Breakout EDU kits or digital versions to create immersive learning experiences. Students work collaboratively to decipher codes, unlock boxes, and uncover clues within a time limit. These activities foster skills such as communication, creativity, and logical reasoning while making learning engaging and fun. Breakout EDU is popular in classrooms for its ability to teach various subjects and concepts through immersive gameplay.

Class Dojo: This K-5 app helps teachers and families collaborate to support social-emotional learning that supports the district’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports and Positive Behavior Intervention Supports programs.

ClassLink: With ClassLink, students access all their digital learning resources quickly and easily with just one set of login credentials to remember (SSO = Single Sign On). Also in the space is the lesser-used Clever integration tool. There is also a ClassLink portal for parents to manage their DASD passwords and accounts.

Classroom App (Apple): This app allows teachers to manage the school-issued iPads that students use during their class time.

eHallPass: This 6-8 app is a cloud-based contactless digital hall pass system that includes social distancing tools and has features that help limit mischief, meetups, and vandalism, as students navigate school hallways. 

FreshService: A service desk used to support and help users with technology issues, transportation requests, and print shop jobs managing the issues from their inception through their resolution. The former product in this space was Agiloft. 

Google Workspace for Education: A suite of online productivity tools used to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawings via the secure Google domain for education.

Goosechase: An online platform used to create interactive, reusable games for students

IEP Writer: A online suite of tools allowing local education agencies (LEA) to securely write Individual Education Plans (IEP), evaluation reports, behavioral improvement plans, letters, etc. These tools are accessible to DASD employees who work with students in various settings. 

Illuminate: The district's data and assessment warehouse, this tool allows for assessment development and data analysis of curriculum-based, state, and national assessments.

IT Edge/Salesforce: Customer Relationship Management software used at the DASD STEM Academy to keep track of partnerships

IXL: IXL is a comprehensive curriculum for Math and Language Arts. It provides a real-time diagnostic to pinpoint what students know and exactly what to do next to help them learn and grow. It provides skill recommendation that helps each student fill knowledge gaps and growth from where they are. IXL provides teachers with actionable analytics with real-time insights to help them make effective instructional decisions every day.

Infinite Campus: The student information system (SIS) is the secure database that maintains all student information for accountability purposes such as demographics, grades, attendance, discipline, and class assignments/scheduling. Infinite Campus creates official documents like report cards and transcripts as well as the required reportable data for the state and federal government. Infinite Campus is the only authoritative online source for student grades and attendance information. 

Managebac: Used at the STEM Academy to transmit documents and retain records relevant to IB Diploma Candidacy, such as Extended Essays.

Microsoft 365: A suite of online productivity tools used to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, calendars, etc. via the secure MS domain for education.

Nearpod: Nearpod is an interactive educational platform that allows teachers to engage students through dynamic multimedia presentations. It enables educators to create and deliver interactive lessons, quizzes, and virtual reality experiences. Students can participate in real-time through their devices, answering questions, exploring content, and collaborating with peers. Nearpod helps teachers assess and track student progress while promoting active learning in the classroom or through remote teaching.

PaperCut: A print management service to monitor and control image output at the user level and track any associated printed costs.

Pay Schools Central:  DASDs secure online payment portal for parents and taxpayers to remit online via credit card, debit card, or check routing number. Bank and convenience fees may apply. DASD does not store any customer information, this is a third-party application. 

Pick up Patrol: An online application to streamline student dismissal communication in our K-8 schools

PlayPosit: An online learning platform that enhances video content for educational purposes. It enables educators to create interactive video lessons by adding questions, quizzes, and other engagement elements directly into videos. Students watch these enriched videos and interact with the embedded content, promoting active learning and comprehension. PlayPosit offers analytics and insights to help teachers track student progress and understanding. This platform is widely used for flipping classrooms, blended learning, and creating engaging video-based assignments for a more interactive and effective educational experience.

PTCFast: An online service used to make it easy to schedule parent-teacher conferences. Once parents create an account and schedule their conference email confirmations and reminders are sent. Parents can also change their appointment time once scheduled via PTCFast.

Remind: An on-demand communication system for teachers, advisors, and coaches. The primary use is after-school athletics, clubs, meetings, field trips, etc. for on-demand notifications controlled at the teacher/coach/advisor level in the end user’s language of choice.

Respondus: A lockdown browser and monitor to ensure academic integrity as students complete assessments, exams, and assignments. 

Schoology: The learning management system (LMS) is the secure online platform where students and teachers can interact, while at school or at home, synchronously or asynchronously. Like an online classroom, digital content is available in the form of an integrated calendar, lessons, assignments, projects, and other instructional content. Any grades or attendance data posted in Schoology are not authoritative, please visit Infinite Campus. 

Securly: A content filtering and student safety system. All DASD devices, regardless of physical location (at school or home), have all internet activity filtered and monitored by the district. Securly also pushes safety alerts when students demonstrate at-risk behaviors. Parents have access to the Securly Home App. The parent app has the ability to block sites, like YouTube, and create schedules when the device is inaccessible to the web, like dinner time and bedtime. The app also displays a real-time view of your child’s activity on their school-issued device. Parents receive a weekly email from Securly with a snapshot report of that week’s activity. Teachers have access to Securly Classroom. The app allows teachers to manage the school-issued Chromebooks that students use during their class time.

Ticket Spicket: Used by the DASD athletic department as a cashless ticketing system for online payment and entrance to athletic and extracurricular activities. 

Zoom: Online video conferencing tools to facilitate remote learning, meetings, parent conferences, etc. available on any web-enabled device.