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Chromebook Care

Chromebook Care Tips

The most frequent damage to a Chromebook is a cracked screen. Follow these tips to avoid damage.

  • Many backpacks have a built-in padded pocket for laptops, tablets, etc. and are much more effective in protecting devices than those without a padded pocket.
  • Always carry a Chromebook closed. Never hold a Chromebook by its screen and always use two hands to carry the device. 
  • If carrying the device from classroom to classroom, hold the Chromebook close to your chest much like a hug.
  • Be sure to set a Chromebook on a flat surface during use and avoid slanted, uneven surfaces which could lead to the device sliding off and dropping to the floor.
And now a word from one of our Elementary Technicians - Mr. Derek Rozwadowski!

Chromebook Cases

Chromebook clamshell cases are optional. If you wish to purchase a protective case for your student's Chromebook, please refer to the recommended cases.

  • Protective cases are not required.
  • Protective cases must be clear so the barcode can be scanned and the asset information can be seen.

*Please do not use any laptop sleeves or zipper cases as they cause more harm than they protect the device.

Recommended Chromebook Cases*

Lenovo Chromebook 500e 3rd Gen (2-in-1)

*DASD does not endorse any Chromebook cases. These are recommendations only.