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Parent/Caregiver Speaker Series

Through our Parent/Caregiver Speaker Series, the Downingtown Area School District furthers its commitment to promoting healthy communities by featuring speakers and presentations that support our mission of providing wellness opportunities for our families. 

Digital Parenting with Family Tech:

How to manage tech in your home with your kids of all ages with Sarah Kimmel 

Learn about how to manage tech in your home and with your kids of all ages!
Featured speaker, Sarah Kimmel from Family Tech, has over 15 years of experience working in the technology industry and providing parents/caregivers with real-world, tried and true, tips for understanding and managing the technology in their homes.

Participants will learn: 

The best ways to introduce technology to your child
How to create a family culture around technology use
Parental/Caregiver control tools to use for all devices
Balancing screen time with other activities

PEAK Performance:

Substance Use Prevention and Wellness for Student Athletes
with Tina George, MSW, CPS

What makes students great athletes also places them at greater risk of substance use. Among US high school athletes, only 6% will get the chance to play in college. The pressure to perform has never been greater. This webinar will help parents understand why athletes today are at greater risk for substance use, how they use differently from their non-participating peers, and how parents can help them stay healthy and mentally prepared for their sport.

Parent/Caregiver Speaker Series Past Events

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