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School Health & Nursing Services

Health Services

School nurses are licensed professionals who are trained to support students’ medical needs within the educational setting. As collaborative members of DASD School Health Services, school nurses partner with the multidisciplinary team to provide student-centered care that supports the physical and emotional health needs of students through assessment, intervention, collaboration, and communication. These guiding principles help students to be safe, to remain healthy, and to come to school ready to learn.

Certified School Nurses or Healthroom Nurses are present daily in all of our public school buildings. DASD encourages parents/guardians to communicate directly with their student’s school nursing team regarding any health concerns that may impact the student’s school day.

DASD continues to follow CDC guidelines for both Covid and Respiratory Illnesses. The CDC has updated Respiratory Virus Guidance ( information for respiratory viruses, including COVID-19, the flu and RSV. These precautions are the best ways you can protect yourself and others.