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Elementary Lunch Pre-orders

Announcement: Our online pre-order lunch system through PaySchools Central will not require a payment upon ordering. Instead, students will be charged for each meal when they come through the serving line during lunch and enter their PIN. Reduced & Free Lunches will have no charge for the 24-25 school year and Paid lunches will be $2.50.  Pre-orders will continue to be a mandatory part of our meal process; see below for additional instructions!

Pre-ordering is easy!

This simple step gives Elementary parents more influence over their student's lunch selection, more confidence in our program, and speeds up the lunch line so your student has enough time to eat.

"Easy to pre order and nice to have a plan for our Kindergartner, to know what she will be having, and to not have to pack lunch on top of everything else she carries to school." DASD Parent

New to pre-ordering?


Make an account at Accounts are free and you likely already have it set up!

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Add your menu selection to the cart. Click Pre-Order Meals on the right-hand side. Next, select the options you would like to order, add them to your Cart, click Checkout, and then click Place Order to move back to PaySchools Central.

pre-order instructions (english)
Pre-order instructions (spanish)


Your order hasn't been placed yet! Once you return to PaySchools Central, scroll down under the Checkout heading and click Continue to complete the order. You’ll know your order went through when you receive a confirmation email from PaySchools!

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