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Miss Pennsylvania visits DASD Cyber Academy and Pickering Valley Elementary School

DOWNINGTOWN, PA – In recognition of Women’s History, Downingtown Area School District (DASD) welcomed Miss Pennsylvania, Alysa Bainbridge, to share her story and promote the wonderful achievements of women throughout the country. On March 15, Bainbridge led school-wide conversations about the importance of women’s history month and key iconic figures at Downingtown Cyber Academy and Pickering Valley Elementary School.

Bainbridge is a passionate advocate for mental health and recovery through her social impact initiative, “Tyler’s Triumph: The More Than Project.” Growing up, both of Bainbridge’s siblings struggled with mental illness. She founded “The More Than Project” to empower others, letting them know they are so much more than their struggle, and that a mental health diagnosis doesn’t define them. Alyssa adds, “A theme we’re focusing on this year in the Miss America Organization is leaving a legacy of the women who CAN. In my presentation for Women’s History Month, I will share with Downingtown students several examples of women throughout the history of Miss America who have dominated all different kinds of fields. I hope young girls leave knowing they can do whatever they set their minds to, that they don’t have to fit in to any one mold, and that they, too, are women who CAN!”

“I’ve very proud of all of the women and young girls in our district. Whether you are a student, teacher or staff member, you make this a better place for everyone.” Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Justin Brown said. “We hope that by recognizing and celebrating the outstanding achievements of women, our students will be inspired to pursue their own grandest dreams.”

Bainbridge concluded her program with a strong message for students, “You matter. You are worthy. You are loved and you are all intelligent students.”

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