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DASD Welcomes Acclaimed “Freedom Writers” Actress April Hernandez Castillo for Bullying Prevention Month


Downingtown, PA — DASD is thrilled to announce that celebrated actress April Hernandez Castillo will be the keynote speaker for its Bullying Prevention Month presentation. The event is scheduled to take place on October 25th at 6:00 pm in the West High School Auditorium.

Best known for her powerful portrayal of "Eva" in the acclaimed movie "Freedom Writers," alongside Hilary Swank, April Hernandez Castillo brings an extraordinary blend of talent, resilience, and authenticity to the stage. Her journey from the glittering lights of Hollywood to overcoming personal traumas is an inspiration that resonates with audiences worldwide.

April's keynote address, titled "Moving Forward," April will underline the importance of choosing to move forward, even in the face of adversity. By sharing her own experiences of overcoming obstacles, she aims to motivate students to stand up against bullying and make a positive impact in their own lives and communities.

Coming from the tough streets of the Bronx during the challenging Crack Epidemic Era, April's experiences have equipped her with a unique perspective on resilience. She has triumphed over an abusive relationship during her teenage years and even navigated a deeply emotional journey, almost losing herself to the brink of despair. Her story is one of courage, empowerment, and the power of choice.

Reflecting on the significance of April's message, DEI Director Justin Brown emphasized, "Bullying is an issue that affects us all, and it's crucial that students understand the role they play in preventing it. April's journey underscores the importance of not tolerating bullying and showcases the strength we can find within ourselves. Our students must be active bystanders – seeing something, saying something – to foster a safe and respectful environment for everyone."

This eagerly anticipated event is free of charge and open to all. To secure your spot, tickets can be reserved through Eventbrite. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to hear April Hernandez Castillo's captivating story of growth, resilience, and triumph.

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