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Kottmeyer Stadium

DASD Athletics

The Downingtown Area School District boosts an athletics program that produces highly competitive programs within the Ches-Mont League, throughout the state of Pennsylvania, and across the country. DASD sponsors 25 varsity, interscholastic athletic programs for student-athletes to compete in grades 9-
12. Our athletic program focuses on the whole student, holding such ideals as integrity, self-worth, competitive spirit, sportsmanship, teamwork, and GRIT as the cornerstones of our programs. DASD graduates gain acceptance and admission to some of the finest Ivy and Patriot League schools, as well
as some of the top Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3 institutions across the country. 

DASD Athletic/coaching Job postings

Athletics Staff

Title IX Report

With the deadline for submission of the first phase of the athletic reporting requirement under Act 82 of 2012 having passed, please remember that school entities are also required to provide public access to the information as well as provide notice to students, staff and parents. 

Act 82 requires school entities to make the completed athletic disclosure form available for public inspection during regular business hours, including on any publicly accessible website. The deadline for this requirement was November 1st.Additionally, Act 82 requires school entities to provide notice of the availability of the completed disclosure form to students, educational personnel, student athletes, and parents. This notice must be provided as soon as the form is completed and can be accomplished by posting a notice on school bulletin boards, in the school newspaper, on any electronic mailing list or list serve, or by any other means reasonably likely to provide such notice. Our Title IX Coordinator is Caroline Duda, Director of Human Resources.

Title IX Coordinator Training Materials

ATIXA K-12 Civil Rights
Investigator One

Foundations Training & Certification Course Outline

ATIXA K-12 Civil Rights
Investigator One

Foundations Training & Certification Course