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Senior Leadership

Headshot of Dr. Lou Chance

Louis Chance,

Assistant Superintendent K-6
Ext. 11305

Headshot of Dr. Rob Reed

Reed, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent 7-12
Ext. 11205

Headshot of Dave Matyas

Dave Matyas, M.B.A., PCSBA

Business Manager
Ext. 11701

Headshot of Dr. Caroline Duda

Caroline Duda, Ph.D.

Director of Human Resources
Ext. 11606

Headshot of Dr. Ann Berrios

Ann Berrios, Ed.D.

Director of Pupil Services
Ext. 11401

Headshot of Justin Brown

Justin Brown, M.A.

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Ext. 11150

Headshot of Dr. Gary Mattei

Gary J.
Mattei, Ed.D.

Director of Technology
Ext. 11501

Headshot of Jenn Shealy

Jennifer Shealy, M.S.

Director of Communications
Ext. 11120

Headshot of Dale Lauver

Dale Lauver

Director of Facilities
Ext. 11801