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Group of students from BW sitting on a mat waiting for teacher to read a book.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

During the 2023-24 school year, Downingtown Area School District partnered with Performance Fact and more than 300 students, staff, teachers, administrators, family members and community leaders, to develop an evidence-based, community-informed educational strategic plan. A strategic plan is a comprehensive document that outlines the goals, objectives and strategies of a school district. It serves as a roadmap for the district's future direction and provides a framework for decision-making and resource allocation. A well-crafted strategic plan helps to guide and unify the efforts of all stakeholders.

The finalized report, which will be available June 2024, includes a comprehensive Portrait of a Graduate, specific goals, strategies, measures and a district promise. We will share future progress updates on our website’s dashboard. 

Downingtown Area School District: where every student is valued, engaged, and instilled with the confidence and skills for future success.

Strategic Plan Dashboard Coming Soon


Thank you

Thank you to the 350+ volunteers who donated their time and 400+ stakeholders who provided feedback to help ensure our district is pointed in the right direction! 

Posed group photo of Core Team members
Student Life Strategic Plan Group Photo
Large group of Instructional Team members pose in group picture
Group photo of STEM students
Alignment Team poses in group
Large group of middle school students standing in library
Dr O'Donnell speaks with high school student at STEM
Students seated at a table discussing strategic plan
Middle school students seated and listening to presenter in library
Dr. O'Donnell standing at the front of a conference room, in front of audience seated at tables
Students collaborating
Focus on a group of 6 individuals from the Family Team seated around a table and collaborating
A room shot of 7 tables with adults seated at each, collaborating
Students seated at tables, collaborating
Two students seated in a classroom, one looking at the other as she writes on a large sheet of paper
Two Family Team members speaking energetically
Two students seated, collaborating
Alignment team collaboration with seated and standing individuals speaking to each other
Students listening to strategic plan leader, Mutiu Fagbayi

Strategic Planning Process

Components of the Strategic Plan

MS students sitting outside around sidewalk drawing of pawprint with "You Matter" on it.


The pillars identify what DASD must do well to be able to reach our goals for all students. They are the building blocks for action and decision-making, and provide a durable frame for organizing and focusing our work. 
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Goals and

The overarching goals will drive positive change throughout our district. These goals indicate where we should focus our attention and help us align our efforts, and will include specific measures.

DEHS Graduate holding the staff leading students into graduation ceremony.

Portrait of a Graduate

Engages the broader DASD community to help build a unifying, collective vision for our students. Defines our community's aspirations for what our students will need to be successful beyond our school buildings in college and career endeavors.

Two young boys outside with arms around each other's shoulders.

District Promise

Provides a commitment to all DASD students by clarifying our purpose and core beliefs.