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2023-24 Budget

School budget

Each year, Downingtown Area School District is tasked with creating a budget that will support the long- and short-term goals of the district while serving its students, staff and the community.

With the district's commitment to fiscal responsibility and careful planning, DASD continues to provide high quality academics and student support systems with the third-lowest per pupil instructional expenses across Chester County. However, due, in part, to eight years without a tax increase and rising costs during that time period, the district is heading toward a significant operating deficit. With the additional expenses related to growing enrollment and the plan to achieve full-day kindergarten, the district must take steps to fiscally prepare.

Budget Overview


HS Students Doing Science
Provide K-12 Student Educational Programs
3 young elementary students with arms around each other
Full-day kindergarten by 2028-29 school year
Elementary students getting on a school bus.
SUPPORT district-wide operations 

Budget FAQ