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Downingtown Area School District
Board of Directors

The Downingtown Area School Board is comprised of nine voting elected officials and a non-voting 10th member (Superintendent).  The board meets twice per month in the James E. Watson, Jr. Staff Development Room of the District's Administrative Offices, 540 Trestle Place in Downingtown.
Committee of the Whole - First Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM
Monthly Board Meeting - Second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM

2023-2024 DASD School Board Directors
and Superintendent 

DASD Board of Directors posed in front of DASD logo
(Pictured from left to right, Top row: Joyce Houghton, Madhu Gurthy, Margaret Miller, Mindy Ross, Caryn Ghrayeb, Lisa Strobridge, Jane Bertone; Bottom row: President LeeAnn Wisdom, Superintendent Robert J. O'Donnell, Ed.D., Vice President Audrey Blust)
Board Docs

BoardDocs is a paperless meeting software designed to house School Board meeting and Committee of the Whole agendas, minutes and policies.

  • For agendas and minutes 2022-2023 and later, please visit the BoardDocs website.
  • For agendas and minutes prior to 2021-2022 please contact Board Secretary Virginia Warihay at

Who is my school board director? 

  1. Visit the Chester County ChescoViews website.
  2. In the top left search box, type your address and enter.
  3. Click anywhere in the colored area on the map and a pop-up window will open. Use the arrows in the pop-up window to scroll to your DASD region information.
  4. Once you know your region, refer to the list below to determine your representative.

Where do I vote?

  1. Visit the Department of State Polling Place Search 
  2. Type in your county, city/town (use mailing address - not township), street, and street number.
  3. The search will give you the name of your precinct and where your polling place is located.


2023-2024 DASD School Board Directors

LeeAnn Wisdom, President
Director - Region 6 (Uwchlan 6, 7) 
Term expires: 2025

Audrey Blust, Vice President
Director - Region 1 (Upper Uwchlan 1, 2, Wallace)
Term expires: 2027

Jane Bertone
Director - Region 7 (Downingtown WN, EE, EW, WS)
Term expires: 2027 

Caryn McCleary Ghrayeb
Director - Region 5 (Uwchlan 2, 8, East Caln 1)
Term expires: 2027 

Madhu Gurthy
Director - Region 2 (Upper Uwchlan 3, West Pikeland)
Term expires: 2025

Joyce Houghton
Director - Region 9 (West Bradford 1, 3, 5) 
Term expires: 2027 

Margaret Miller
Director - Region 4 (Uwchlan 1, 3, 4, 5, 9) 
Term expires: 2025
Lisa Strobridge
Director - Region 3 (East Brandywine N1, N2, S)
Term expires: 2027

Mindy Ross
Director - Region 8 (East Caln 2, West Bradford 2, 4) 
Term expires: 2025