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About Us

Set in the heart of Chester County, Downingtown Area School District is a twenty-first century district with the idealistic warmth and charm of a small town. As a close-knit yet diverse community of over 13,000 students, and as the sixth largest in PA, DASD students are challenged, engaged and inspired through a multitude of academic opportunities, passionate educators and innovative teaching methods. DASD values collaborative learning and critical thinking while remaining focused on student wellness and serving the whole child. Boasting some of the top schools in the state and nation, we are proud of our tradition of excellence.
DASD Instructional Vision

DASD's instructional vision is used to guide our initiatives and keep our team focused. It was created and defined with input from our 16 schools’ staff, teachers and principals.

Academic Rigor:  Students are challenged to take risks, to think critically, and to reflect through application and problem solving that foster deeper understanding and individual growth.                    

Student Engagement:  Students are actively invested in relevant and intentional instructional experiences that inspire them to apply and extend their learning.

Student Agency:  Students are empowered, through voice and choice, to take ownership of their learning with guidance, support, and accountability. 

To help keep these three prongs at the forefront of our work, we engaged the creative minds of our art teachers, Tim and Karen Sidorick, to create an image to represent our vision.  This image hangs in every DASD classroom.

Our goal is not to go broader, but rather deeper . . . always striving to improve our craft. In the words of Steven Covey, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Instruction is our main thing.    

District Vision

For our future, we want our students to be career and/or college ready upon graduation. In order to be prepared for this challenge, our students will:

  • Be self-directed, reflective learners who use data to foster learning and growth;
  • Exhibit critical thinking and problem solving skills;
  • Utilize technology in an appropriate manner to maximize learning;
  • Act in a respectable manner as responsible, contributing citizens of the local, national and global society;
  • Be innovators who use a wide range of techniques to elaborate, refine, analyze, and evaluate their own ideas in order to improve and make the best use of their creative efforts;
  • Collaborate with peers and communicate efficiently and effectively across a variety of situations and environments;
  • Be conscientious and informed consumers, who are fiscally aware of and responsive to current economic situations;
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of an economically and culturally diverse community.