• The Downingtown Cyber Academy (DCA) is organized into two programs:  Elementary Cyber - Grades K - 5 and Secondary Cyber - Grades 6 - 12.

    The Elementary Cyber program offers fully online courses during the school year. The online curriculum includes self-paced, rigorous learning activities with additional opportunities for synchronous instruction through a video-conferencing platform. The teacher incorporates developmentally appropriate instructional technology tools to facilitate learning that is aligned to the grade-level academic standards. An emphasis is placed on creating a welcoming, and supportive virtual classroom climate to support the social-emotional needs of the students. Students identify academic and personal wellness goals to work towards throughout the year.

    The Secondary Cyber program offers fully online, hybrid, and blended courses during the school year and summer. The online curriculum includes self-paced, robust courses/classes that incorporate the latest instructional technology tools within a virtual classroom environment that is moderated by the teacher. Before beginning the program, secondary students, parents/guardians, and the school counselor meet to create an academic schedule that may include a mixture of face-to-face, blended, or online courses to meet students’ individual academic and personal needs.

    All students, whether enrolled Full-Time or Part-Time in the DCA, are concurrently enrolled in their respective Elementary, Sixth Grade Center, Middle, or High school. This allows for students to participate in the wide variety of activities offered at the homeschool, including music lessons, clubs, sports, school-wide activities, and after-school programs, and also allows for them to engage with peers within their homeschool communities.