21-22 Recovery Credit Information

  • Credit recovery registration is now closed. We will offer a new session in the spring semester.

    Students must register here for the recovery credit course by September 10th

    The Downingtown Area School District is offering a credit recovery program that includes coursework for a previously failed high school course. Recovery credit courses are reported on the official transcript and the grades are calculated into the student’s grade point average (GPA). Courses are aligned to the DASD curriculum and PA Core Standards.

    Enrollment Period: August 1 - September 10

    Cost: $225 per course

    PaySchools Fee due: September 13 - September 24

    Credit Recovery Fall session: October 4 - December 3

    Format: The courses will be self-paced and asynchronous.

    Location: Tutoring will be available via Zoom. Recovery credit teachers will post the Zoom hours in each individual course. Students can also make arrangements to Zoom with the teacher outside of these times. 

    Important: Our credit recovery courses are designed especially for high school students who did not pass a course initially but learned enough to make a complete repetition of the class unnecessary. Tutoring will be available from a DASD teacher to review concepts and to enhance understanding. However, teachers will not be conducting daily lessons.

    Students cannot take more than two credit recovery courses at a time. If students successfully complete a course during the session and have time to complete a second, parents can request this option by emailing cyberacademy@dasd.org. 

    Students will be in class working at their own pace to master the material and to earn course credit.