• Kottmeyer Stadium

Welcome to Facilities Use

  • Please be aware that we continue to be impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

    ***At this time, masks are required for all indoor participants, spectators, staff, students, and athletes not directly engaged in vigorous physical activity.  Athletes actively participating in practices and games are exempt from wearing a mask.***

    District Covid safety practices by recommendations from the CDC and the Chester County Health Department and are subject to change.  We will try to provide as much advanced notice as possible.  However, it may be necessary to cancel events with little to no warning.   

      Please note: Portions of the Facilities Use site are under construction. Please check back later for more details on the various facilities. You may still reserve needed facilities by clicking on the FMX Facilities Scheduler link here.

    Welcome to the Facilities Use website.  Each facility is unique and offers various options to meet your rental needs.  To learn more about our facilities, click here or click on the "Schools" tab on the left margin.

    Please contact Betsy Hudson, Facilities Coordinator, to set up an FMX account in order to rent any DASD facilities. Email: ehudson@dasd.org  Phone: (610) 269-8460, Ext. 11906

    ***If you have an FMX account already established, please click here: dasd.gofmx.com***

    It is the responsibility of the staff, community member/organization to read and adhere to the following policies: 

    DASD School Board Policy 707

    AG Policy 707