Personalized Learning Plans

  • At the Downingtown Cyber Academy, we do not believe that one-size-fits-all.  Starting in the 21-22 school year, we will be offering personalized learning plans for students regarding synchronous learning (Zooms). Students in the DCA and their parents/guardians will have two plans from which to choose:

    Plan 1 (default option):  Zoom meetings are required, and students must attend. Attendance will be taken for each Zoom class by the teacher.

    Plan 2: Students and parents can sign an agreement with the DCA Administrative team that allows students to optionally attend Zooms as long as they maintain good standing in all their classes. Students can still attend Zooms if they wish.  Students and parents who are interested in this plan should contact Zoom meetings will be required until the DCA Administrative team has approved the application.

    All Zoom meetings will be recorded.


    Applications for Plan 2 are now closed. We will reopen the applications before the start of the next marking period or trimester. Please contact with any concerns.