Picture of student registering for a class via a computer

Downingtown Cyber Academy K-12 Registration

  • The Downingtown Cyber Academy requires registration each year by students.  Students will automatically be enrolled in their home schools each year and must reapply for the DCA.

    1. Parents of students who will be in Kindergarten-8th grade will register on the DCA registration page.

    2. Students who will be in 9th-12th grade will do the following to register for the DCA:

      1. Students should register on the DCA registration page after reading the information below.

      2. Students who select to be full-time cyber students will automatically be enrolled. Students who select to be part-time students will need to have their course selections approved by the principal. All part-time applications will be sent to the school counselor and the principal for approval and a student will be notified if their course selection are or are not approved. Here are the following acceptable reasons for approval for a part-time cyber student:

        1. Seats available in a course that is already running
        2. At-risk senior (i.e., credit deficient)
        3. Transfers from a cyber charter school
        4. Documented participation in intensive outside athletics or arts programs that will result in lost instructional time during school hours
        5. Scheduling conflicts (only an acceptable reason through September of the current school year).  Students must demonstrate that the course is a graduation requirement, it cannot be taken at another time, and it will not fit into their current schedule.
        6. IEP, GIEP, or 504 team recommendation
        7. Early graduation  (only an acceptable reason through September of the current school year)

    3. Students will need to follow up with their school counselors to confirm course selections.