Recruitment & Retention Subcommittee

  • Vision Statement

    DASD will become a destination for diverse viewpoints, talents and perspectives of the community who we serve academically and professionally by creating an environment where people of all lived experiences and identities can grow and thrive as their authentic selves in a culture which fosters inclusion and belonging.


    Mission Statement

    We commit to:

    • Appreciating the broad dimensions of identity and unique perspectives;
    • Actively changing disciminatory behaviors by removing barriers and promiting access; and
    • Delivering the results that celebrate multiple approaches and meaningful engagement.


    Committee Members Responsible for Recruitment & Retention: Daphne Donnellan, Jill Whalen, Barnia Young, O. Faye Warnick, Ayesha Bhavsar, Sarah Smith, Geliece Golson, Troy Podell, Kecia Nesmith, Christina Helminiak, Katie Cole