March Madness

  • March Madness


    It's March Madness!  In true PV spirit, we are going to decorate the fences with basketballs!  Please sign up to purchase a paper basketball which will ine the fence on the bus and drop off drives.  We thought it might be a nice way to welcome in Spring with messages of fun, joy and hope.


    You can purchase a basketball for $2.00 or 3 for $5.00.  You will not actually receive the paper but can type into the comment section what you would like written on the basketball.  For example, "Go PV", "PV 5th grader John Smith Rocks", "Jane Smith wants UNC to win" or "We love our PV teachers".  All sayings are subject to DASD conduct guidelines.


    You can also have your child submit a drawing.  It must be no bigger than 8" x 9".  If you choose this option, you need to scan the picture and email it to and put in the subject "March Madness picture".  We will print it out and glue onto a basketball.


    Please send your payment either via paypal or send your payment in through school marked "March Madness".  Checks should be made payable to PVSA.  DEADLINE FOR SIGN UP is MARCH 10th.


    Any questions, please contact Jeanne Czubaroff ( or 484-432-1198).  Thanks for your participation!


    Please use this link to sign up: