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  • ESL Resources

    DASD's Dept of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have provided the below resources to help support cultural equity discussions at home and in the classroom. We have also included links to additional resources listed below. We encourage adult involvment in book selection to ensure their appropriateness for your family.

    Know your reader: Some titles may include mature content. Parents, caregivers and educators are encouraged to discuss these experiences with their children.

    Learn more about the DASD Cultural Equity Task Force

    For DASD Teachers

    Have you completed your ELD (English Language Development) training?

    Under DASD's Title 3 grant, all teachers are able to stay current by receiving ELD (English Language Development)  information.   For the 2020-21 school year you have 5 options -choose one.  Go to nearpod.com : 

    1. How Diversity Impacts the Classroom- learn about prominent cultures within our community and their norms in terms of schooling. Code:LYJS2
    2. Vocab Victories- Explores fun vocabulary games to play with students. Code: ​C358Q
    3. How to Use Translations and Interpretation Services at DASD- provides information for communicating with non-English speakers orally and in written form. Code: ​VCLSU
    4. The How and Why of Teaching English Learners- Describes how ESL came to be and how laws impact instruction. Code: ​LMZN6
    5. Meeting the Needs of English Learners-explores who English Learners are and how to teach them. Code: ​HLMVD

     Some friendly reminders…

    • ​ Some of these were offered before.  Choose a new one or review what you've learned.​​
    •  Please complete ONE of the above options.  Do not do all of them.
    •  Use the Nearpod app OR nearpod.com
    • Enter your first and last name when prompted for a name/nickname.  This is how attendance will be taken.
    • The Nearpods will be available for you to complete.
    • Please complete the survey upon completion. https://forms.gle/L9aGbDSYrhLnVCJj8 ​​
  • Resources

    The ability to find and evaluate resources for learning is a necessary skill for lifelong learning and effective work in many fields. Downingtown Area School District is a place where every student is encouraged to achieve to her or his highest potential and will maximize their differences to achieve excellence. DASD will continue its mission and commitment to educational equity and ensuring that the learning and working environment in the DASD is welcoming, accessible and affirming of all identities and lived experiences. We hope you use this information in your personal discovery to find answers to questions on your own. This is truly an effective strategy for learning.