•  12 months

    12 Months of Diversity- Mission Statement 

    The purpose of this calendar is to highlight all traditions, celebrations and holidays that are observed by our students, staff, and within the DASD community.

    12 Months of Diversity- Vision Statement 

    This yearly calendar will serve to raise awareness and educate staff, students, and families about the diverse traditions and holidays celebrated by our DASD community.

    Traditions are important in Downingtown Area School District, just as they are in families. And, nothing is more important than the annual traditions celebrated during their seasonal holiday. DASD will continue its mission and commitment to educational equity and ensuring that the learning and working environment in the DASD is welcoming, accessible and affirming of all identities and lived experiences. Below, please find our district "Twelve Months of Diversity" calendar. 





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    Ultimately, it is up to each of us within DASD to create an inclusive celebratory environment. Be an ally to your friends and coworkers from different  backgrounds. Listen to their stories and attend events. Bring your authentic self to school and work, beliefs included. 

    If you feel we missed an important holiday on the calendar, please message our Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at jbrown@dasd.org. He will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible and to correct the error. 

    Committee Members Responsible for Diversity Calendar: Geliece Golson, Dawna Hankins, Elizabeth Madarang, Theresa Mitchell, Cynthia Newlin, Travis Orth, Philip Rooney, Jynelle Sass, Emily Vanim, & Susan Welk