• Community Book Event - Monday, May 24th - 6:30-7:30PM

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    Community Book Event 


    Mission Statement (what we will do)

    We are committed to exploring change through hosting courageous conversations inspired by a series of book studies that focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will curate resources for educators, students, and our community which reflect these goals.


    Purpose (why do we exist)

    Equity is a journey. The Literary Series wants to help support and grow diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in DASD. We strive to broaden our audience, build background knowledge, and forge a common understanding that leads to systemic change.


    Committee Members Responsible for Literature Subcommitee: Sarah Hyson, Denise Frosty, Ildiko Brown, Kevin Parks, Leigh Ann Thompson, Michelle McCarron, Michelle Marsden, Kathryn McFarland, Kathy DeNardo, Christi Barton, Dawn Lawless, Deborah Kearney, Stacey Fisher, Ilana Shipe, Cristin Young, Susan Ericson, Shannon Murray, Virginia Barbarin, Anastasia Kean, Alyssa, Linda MacNeal, Margaret Bauer