Student Success Subcommittee

  • Student Success Subcommittee Mission Statement

    The mission of the Student Success Subcommittee is to provide opportunities that promote a greater understanding of student identities, multiculturalism, inclusion, and social justice within our school district, and to work towards eliminating inequalities, inspire, and prepare our students for higher levels of personal and social responsibility, and post-secondary success.


    Vision Statement

    For our future, we will launch a “Level Up” initiative to support students from all backgrounds and will provide developmentally appropriate activities to promote the program within our school community. Programming may include...

    • Diverse student literature (Book Clubs, Book Studies, News Stories, and Research)
    • Classroom lessons on social and emotional skills, identity, differences, bias, and social justice. 
    • School-level service projects (including Capstone, Graduation Projects, etc)
    • Building-based student groups and equity committees
    • Processes for data collection and communication with students and stakeholders
    • Embedded supports to improve postsecondary preparation and success for underrepresented students 



    We believe in addressing areas of significant disproportionality, including...

    • Standardized/College Admission test scores
    • Post-secondary educational options
    • Honors/AP/IB enrollment
    • Use of Pupil Service (IEP, 504) accommodations
    • School Attendance
    • Discipline/Policy Violations



    To provide opportunities and access for students who are underrepresented in our district in an equitable environment where they can develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for academic, emotional, and post-secondary success. 

    • We will develop “Brave Spaces” and a supportive school environment that advocates for all students.
    • We will create educational pathways and opportunities that engage diversity and challenge inequities across the district.
    • We will utilize restorative practices that promote personal and social responsibility across our student body.
    • We will provide resources to encourage faculty and staff to grow towards equitable learning and environments that are free from discrimination and bias behaviors.



    Committee Members Responsible for Student Success: Stacey Hewitt, John Ciotola, Emma Maclean, Susan Ericson, Trish Myrick, Cecilia Heim, Molly Goslin, Kurt Barker, Paul Hurley, Don Mixon, Beth O'Rourke, Shelda Perry, Susan Carrier, Regina Gaffney.