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    Downingtown Area School District (DASD) values diversity, equity and inclusion. DASD acknowledges and works to address structural or procedural barriers to full inclusion within the district. We acknowledge and are aware that individuals may have complex identities in which their experiences have been based on gender, race, color, creed, sexual orientation and ability. DASD will continue its goal and commitment to educational equity and to ensuring that the learning and working environment in the DASD is welcoming, accessible and affirming of all identities and lived experiences. Downingtown urges all historically disenfranchised and minority individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply. DASD welcomes viable applicants who can bring their lived experiences and expertise to the district from a cultural lens to support all students.  

    We are pleased to accept employment applications for all positions through Frontline Applicant Tracking. Use the links below to view open positions, start an application for employment or login to continue or modify your current application. Thank you for your interest in the Downingtown Area School District!


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    Recruitment & Retention Subcommittee


     View Town DiscountsPlease note that the District does not endorse any of these programs; however, the discounts are being provided as a courtesy to employees. 

  • Committee Members Responsible for Recruitment and Retention: Daphne Donnellan, Jill Whalen, Kecia Nesmith, Barnia Young, O. Faye Warnick, Ayesha Bhavsar, Sarah Smith, Geliece Golson, Troy Podell, Christina Helminiak, Katie Cole.