2020 – 21 Performance Goals and Standards

  • Student Growth and Achievement

    • Effectively works with the Board/Superintendent to develop and monitor district policy and administrative regulations related to Student Growth and Achievement.
    • Demonstrates understanding and appropriate use of performance measures established within the district in support of specific goals and initiatives.
    • Appropriately monitors student achievement on identified standardized assessments and has actively developed successful strategies for improvement in teacher and student improvement.
    • Monitors, oversees, and encourages use of PVAAS data among professional staff with regard to making curricular, staffing, and comprehensive planning decisions within the district.
    • Has coordinated PD to insure all PSSA/SPP performance targets for staff and students have been met for the most current evaluation period.

    Organizational Leadership

    • Effectively works with the board and superintendent to develop and monitor district policy and administrative regulations related to Organizational Leadership.
    • Has ensured priorities and initiatives are in alignment with a clearly defined and well-articulated vision for the district.
    • Has developed and implemented operational plans and processes to accomplish strategic goals.
    • Demonstrates an ability to assist and motivate others in achieving personal, professional, and district goals.
    • Is skilled in identifying, analyzing, and resolving problems that impact the district.
    • Maintains a regular presence in district buildings and at district events for the purpose of monitoring effectiveness of programming.
    • Uses strategic initiatives and district performance data to identify appropriate professional development opportunities for staff within the district.
    • Demonstrates leadership on Cabinet by problem solving, creating solutions and enriching the collaborative discussion.
    • Demonstrates clear understanding of board, superintendent, assistant superintendent relationship including appropriate roles and responsibilities.
    • Ensures compliance through reports and audits with all applicable local, state, and federal laws/regulations.

    District Operations and Financial Management

    • Effectively works with the board and superintendent to develop and monitor district policy and administrative regulations related to District Operations and Financial Management.
    • Works with principals to ensure appropriate budget planning each year.
    • Works with the board, superintendent and district business official to successfully accomplish financial and budgetary priorities including meeting all timelines associated with the annual budget.
    • Develops contingency plans designed to address anticipated and unanticipated budgetary necessities when needed.
    • Works with Cabinet to ensure capital budget, furniture needs and technology requests are well planned for a three-year cycle.
    • Ensures end-of-year results are consistent with budgetary planning expectations.
    • Ensures the district is compliant with all federal and state regulations in the area of curriculum, pupil services, and special education for the district.

    Communication and Community Relations

    • Effectively works with the board and superintendent to develop and monitor district policy and administrative regulations related to Communication and Community Relations.
    • Works successfully with the board to build support in the community for the district's vision, mission, and both long and short-term priorities.
    • Updates board consistently and regularly regarding curriculum issues and changes, pupil services legal matters, and significant personnel issues.
    • Maximizes utilization of multiple methods for delivering accurate, timely, and reliable information to the Board and community.
    • Has been able to successfully build school/community partnerships that benefit students and staff.
    • Communicates effectively with the board and superintendent and coordinates the flow of information from administrators to board committees in a manner consistent with Board Operating Guidelines.

    Human Resource Management

    • Consistently models effective teamwork at the Cabinet level.
    • Appropriately manages all district building principals, assigning functions, delegating effectively, and determining accountability as necessary.
    • Ensures timely completion of all district wide principal evaluations.
    • Ensures alignment of superintendent evaluation goals with that of the K12 principal team.
    • Has ensured training and professional development opportunities for all K12 principals and completes or insures completion of all principal evaluations.
    • Consistently model instructional leadership for administrators in the curriculum and instruction and pupil services department.


    • Demonstrates recognition and understanding of public education's role in promoting civic responsibility.
    • Performs all duties in a manner consistent with the values and expectations of the board/superintendent and community at large.
    • Supports a standards-based approach to governance, leadership, and instruction throughout the district.
    • Encourages an inclusive and respectful environment that aligns with the organization’s execution of the district’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.
    • Demonstrates ethical and personal integrity consistent with expectations associated with the role of assistant superintendent.
    • Maintains the confidence and trust of school professionals and the community.
    • Continuously monitors effectiveness within the role of the assistant superintendent, seeking out and participating in professional development activities in alignment with areas identified for improvement by the board/superintendent and through self-reflection.

Annual Goals

    • ​In collaboration with the superintendent, develop a comprehensive district curriculum management plan that encompasses curricular philosophies processes and processes and procedures for curriculum development, monitoring, evaluation, and auditing.

    • In collaboration with the Superintendent, Director of Pupil Services, the Assistant Director of Academics, a building administrator, and the Coordinators of Professional Learning and Accountability, analyze student performance data to evaluate achievement gaps and create a plan to remediate lost student progress to help students who are falling behind.