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    Why are you starting the school year online and not in person?
    Our guidance in public schools comes from the Department of Education and Chester County Health Department. The Department of Education has not recommended whether schools open or close due to the pandemic; rather they have left it up to the local district. The Chester County Health Department has recommended that schools begin their academic year virtually and assess their ability to transition to a more in-person instructional model after October 9, 2020.

    The Governor originally mandated a six foot distance and the Chester County Health Department has recommended the avoidance of large gatherings which, in effect, eliminates our district from opening all schools with all students. That leaves a staggered option (perhaps an A-B schedule) or a full 100% online option (see next question for staggered schedule information).   

    With an increase of young people being diagnosed with COVID-19, it seems extremely risky to bring our students back in large numbers. Since June 26, when Chester County went green, the Chester County Health Department has indicated that 29% of all positive cases have occurred in people between the ages of 20-29, and 19% of the positive cases have occurred in children between the ages of 10-19. The safest option for the start of school is 100% online instruction. 

    After the Fourth of July holiday, Chester County saw an uptick in the number of COVID-19 cases, and the Chester County Health Department anticipates a similar increase in the weeks following Labor Day. We will study the numbers carefully and will periodically interact with the Chester County Health Department until it is determined to be acceptable to return to in-person instruction (DOH has provided a metric and recommends a three (3) week trend before making any change in schedule) (Click here for the latest data.) At that time, we will either bring some students back in a staggered schedule, or perhaps, if possible, bring all students back to their respective buildings.

    When are you planning to bring students back into the classroom?
    The current plan is to bring students back November 5, which is the end of the first marking period for secondary students. However, we will reassess the situation on October 9, as recommended by Chester County DOH,  to determine if students should remain online and at home beyond November 5 or begin to return prior to November 5.

    Under what circumstances specifically would the students return to in-person instruction?
    We will work with the Chester County Health Department to determine when and how to safely begin bringing students back into our buildings. The Chester County Health Department has established guidance to help aid in that decision, including more detailed thresholds representing community transmission and the corresponding instructional models as outlined in the table below.






    We will also gauge how things are going in the other school districts that have opted to reopen and keep a close eye on our areas positivity rates, hospitalizations and deaths. Additionally, we will look at ages of infections. There are a myriad of factors that will go into the final decision.

    Is this going to be the same as the emergency remote learning we experienced last spring?
    No. The Online Learning Plan will be more rigorous and engaging than the spring remote learning experience. Assignments will be graded, teachers will conduct live sessions with students on a daily basis, and the school calendar and letter day schedule will remain unchanged. Please review the Online Learning Plan for more details.

    Did the Uwchlan Hills or STEM construction projects impact your decision to start the school year online? 
    No, the district’s construction projects had no bearing on the decision to begin the school year online. Both the Uwchlan Hills and STEM projects would have been completed to a point that would allow safe occupancy, should we have decided to open our buildings on August 31. The decision to begin the school year online was made solely and completely to protect the health and safety of our staff and students as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Didn’t your survey earlier this year indicate that 90% of parents wanted in-person instruction and not online learning?
    The survey did not ask people to vote on if they wanted the district to begin the school year in-person or online. A survey was sent in May asking parents if, at that time, they were planning to participate in the Cyber Academy or if they were expecting to send their child to a DASD school (in person) next year with the understanding that there may be restrictions (social distancing measures, masks, etc).

    Additionally and more importantly, we are not in the same place we were in May. COVID case counts have increased, we know more about how the virus spreads and guidance from our Governor and other health and governmental organizations has changed. 


    Do I have to register to take part in the Online Learning Plan?
    No. As long as you are a currently-registered DASD student, you will automatically be enrolled in the Online Learning Plan. Alternatively, if you would like to participate in the Downingtown Cyber Academy, you will need to enroll in that program.

    Will there be live instruction?
    Yes. Live instruction (synchronous) will occur in accordance with student schedules based on the parameters outlined in the Online Learning Plan. Students will receive between 2-5 live lessons per day, depending on course load. Teachers also have the option to add live opportunities during the asynchronous blocks for extra support, intervention, or office hours.

    Will student work be graded? 
    Yes. Student work will be graded in the same way as it will be in the brick-and-mortar setting. 

    What will be expectations for students?
    Student expectations are spelled out in the “Student Expectations” section of the Online Learning Plan.

    Will you provide books and other materials? How will they be distributed?
    Yes. The distribution of materials will occur in August and will require families to come to the school to pick up materials, including their technology device. School principals will communicate those plans and details.

    How are you preparing teachers to teach online?
    The administration and teachers created an MOU, which was approved at the July board meeting and provides two full days of professional development specific to online instruction prior to the start of the year. This is in addition to a full day provided at the conclusion of last year, the ongoing professional development and support provided during last year’s closure and the professional development days built into the calendar at the start of the school year.

    Will all courses be available online?
    Students will follow their regular brick-and-mortar schedule for the Online Learning Plan. Thus, we expect all courses to be offered.

    How will hands-on high school electives (ex. ceramics or wood shop) be handled virtually? Can we change electives at this point? 
    At this point, schedules are complete but you may contact your guidance office to discuss. We are reviewing options to make our elective courses for a robust experience. As we begin to review our metrics in late September, we hope to allow various teachers of these hands-on subjects to bring in small groups of students periodically to do the necessary in person work.

    Can we switch to a Monday through Friday scheduled as opposed to the six-day cycle?
    In order to ensure a consistency between the online and in-school environments, we will continue with the six-day cycle schedule.

    How are you making sure students haven’t missed too much last spring?
    Just as we do at the start of every school year, teachers will assess their student’s understanding of concepts and will tailor instruction accordingly.

    How will the district balance screen time and offline activities?
    The elementary teachers who are currently writing the courses are including both online and unplugged activities to help promote screen-free time. 

    While Schoology will be the primary mechanism through which resources are accessed and delivered, PDFs and associated documents can also be printed out. Additionally, elementary principals are in the process of putting together bundles of texts, books and materials to go home with students in addition to their iPads to further promote screen-free activities.

    What is the expectation during the "non-live" time each day?

    Asynchronous times are designed to provide structured opportunities for students to work on assignments for the courses that they would otherwise have during that block of time during the school day. However, this time flexible such that students may choose to work on whatever assignments they deem to be of the highest priority or choose to complete those assignments later on in the day, after school hours, etc. Teachers may also use this time to provide additional live opportunities to provide support so students could use this time to take advantage of those as well.


    Who is responsible for making sure all teachers are consistently implementing the Online Learning Plan?
    Principals will oversee the implementation at each school and will be able to assist you should you have any issues or concerns. Please feel free to reach out to them at any time.

    Why are teachers deleting recordings after a week or the cumulative assessment?
    The purpose of recordings of live lessons is for students to reference during asynchronous sessions as needed. Their attendance in live sessions is still expected and required. These recordings will be available for a week or until the cumulative assessment has taken place so that students can access them to support their learning and understanding of concepts. The reason behind deleting old recordings is to protect the privacy of both students in the classroom and their teachers to the degree that we are able, and to avoid any potential copyright infringement associated with resources used in the classroom as much as possible. While the student expectation section of the online learning plan prohibits students from distributing recordings of the live lessons, the district is making every effort to protect its school community.  If a child is out for an extended period of time and unable to watch the recordings, just as they do in-person, teachers will make appropriate accommodations to support the child.

    Can my child still participate in the TCHS program?
    Yes. If your child is eligible for TCHS through DASD, they may participate in TCHS. Students will be offered a fully-online or a hybrid model with some in-person days and some online days. Families will receive a survey from their school principal in the coming week. DASD will provide transportation for students participating in the TCHS in-person option.



    How do I log my child’s attendance each day?
    All students/parents can record their daily attendance (elementary) and course attendance (secondary) on school days from 7AM to 7PM. Teachers have the ability to edit or override student attendance for the current school day, plus one day later. Attendance corrections that are more than two days old will need to be made by the school attendance clerk. Please use the links below for instructions for logging attendance.

    Parent Remote Attendance Video Directions
    Parent Remote Attendance Document Directions
    Student Remote Attendance Video Directions
    Student Remote Attendance Document Directions

    If you must excuse your child from a period or for the day, please email your school’s attendance secretary at the following address: 

    Beaver Creek
    Bradford Heights
    Brandywine Wallace
    East Ward
    Lionville Elementary
    Pickering Valley
    Shamona Creek
    Springton Manor
    Uwchlan Hills
    West Bradford
    Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center
    Lionville Middle School
    Downingtown Middle School


    What are the attendance rules for the Online Learning Plan and how do they differ from the Downingtown Cyber Academy?

    Cyber Academy:

    Full-time students are required to login to Infinite Campus and fill out the daily attendance form every school day. Full-time status is not determined by the number of courses a student takes; students are considered full-time if they do not attend any classes in the brick-and-mortar building. 

    Students are allowed to log attendance between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Students who fail to do so will be recorded as absent for the day.

    When a full-time student does not log in on a school day, the parents must send an excuse note for the absence to their home school's attendance clerk (see email list above). Parents must submit an excuse note within three days of the attendance entry in Parent Portal or the absence will be considered unexcused.

    Online Learning Plan:

    Attendance for the 2020-2021 school year will follow DASD attendance policy and daily school attendance remains required for compulsory age students (ages 6-18). Our Home and School Visitor will work with students and families that experience attendance disruptions during the online instructional period and will complete Student Attendance Improvement Plans for students with more than six illegal absences. While virtual, daily school attendance will be recorded by students as outlined below:

    • Students will record their attendance each day via Infinite Campus (by the end of the student day).
    • Students in grades K-5 will report once per day and may need the support of a parent or guardian.
    • Secondary students (grades 6-12) will report once per course based on that day’s schedule.
    • Secondary students must mark themselves present for each synchronous AND asynchronous period each day. They do not have to log their attendance in real time (i.e. can mark themselves present for all periods at the start of the day); however, they must do so by the end of the student day or they will be considered absent. The process of logging daily attendance should take only three clicks per course.


    Can my child miss the live lesson periods if I have a work or childcare issue?
    Should a student need to miss a live lesson period, parents are asked to contact the child’s teacher to avoid any miscommunication or missed work.

    How many days or live periods can my child miss and what are the consequences?
    Attendance for the 2020-2021 school year will follow DASD attendance policy and daily school attendance remains required for compulsory age students (ages 6-18). Our Home and School Visitor will work with students and families that experience attendance disruptions during the online instructional period and will complete Student Attendance Improvement Plans for students with more than six illegal absences.

    In order to ensure continuity of education, students are expected to attend the live lesson periods during their scheduled times. However, the district understands that extenuating circumstances (childcare issues, connectivity issues, etc.) may prevent a child from being able to attend the live session, and therefore, all live lessons will be recorded for future viewing. Should a student need to miss a live lesson period, parents are asked to contact the child’s teacher to avoid any miscommunication or missed work.

    Why are you requiring secondary students to log their attendance for every period?
    Just as it is in the physical classroom, period attendance is required.


    Cyber Academy

    How will the Downingtown Cyber Academy be different from the Online Learning Plan?
    If you expect to have your child remain online for the entire school year, we encourage you to sign up for the Downingtown Cyber Academy (DCA).  Below are just a few similarities and differences between the Downingtown Cyber Academy (DCA) and the Online Learning Plan

    1. Both the Online Learning Plan and the DCA will have synchronous (live) and asynchronous learning throughout the week.
    2. Students in the Online Learning Program are in classes with students and teachers from their school. When they return to in-person schooling, the change will be seamless as the teachers and classmates will be unchanged. Students in the DCA will be in classes with students and teachers from other schools throughout the district; however, those students and teachers will remain relatively consistent for the school year.
    3. Coursework and assignments in the DCA are due at the end of each week to provide students greater flexibility and to allow students to work at their own pace. There are no daily due dates. 
    4. While the DCA has greatly expanded the course offerings to students, not all courses in the Online Learning Program are available in the DCA.

     Online Learning vs Cyber











    If I am not comfortable sending my child back into the brick-and-mortar school when DASD decides to do so, can my child then move into the Downingtown Cyber Academy?
    Yes; however, please note that doing so will result in a new teacher and new classmates.


    Can my child still participate in the Downingtown Cyber Academy hybrid option now that all classes will be online?
    Yes, students in Downingtown Cyber Academy may still participate in the hybrid option. However, should the schools reopen, students would be expected to return to the physical classroom for those hybrid courses. If you are uncomfortable with your child returning to the physical classroom space, you should enroll them in the Downingtown Cyber Academy.


    How will DASD support the mental health of our student community?
    Counselors and prevention specialists will continue to support students during online instruction. Counselors will provide classroom lessons through iDesign at the elementary level and through health courses at the secondary level. Prevention specialists will also continue to work directly with students in the fall. In addition, all teachers are receiving professional development over the summer in social-emotional learning to prepare to support students.

    How will teachers support students in a virtual environment?
    Students will meet with their teacher a minimum of every other day. As the sessions are live, the teachers will provide opportunities for students to ask questions. Students can also email their teacher or a parent can reach out to the teacher via email at their convenience.

    Teachers may also use asynchronous periods to provide additional live opportunities to provide student support.

    Will counselors or nurses be available to support online students?
    Yes, nurses and counselors will be available virtually through email, video conferencing and phone.

    How are school counselors supporting seniors in their future planning?
    Please check out the latest tips from our counselors to help the class of 2021 feel less stressed and more confident about their college applications.

    Who do I reach out to if my child is struggling?
    Please reach out to your child’s teacher for additional support.



    What devices is DASD providing?
    All enrolled students in grades K through 12 shall be issued a DASD a device for use both at home and at school. These devices have a base configuration that includes the applications, systems and software that students will need to access for their online courses of instruction. Remote updates can be pushed to all DASD devices as the need dictates. All DASD devices, regardless of physical location (at school or home), shall have all internet activity filtered and monitored by the district. Circumventing the DASD content filter to access the internet or services is a violation of the AUP. If a student’s device breaks or is not functioning properly during the closure, please submit a technology ticket via our Servicedesk. Drive up tech support, by appointment only,  will again be available at Central Office after remote support efforts have been attempted. For a more detailed explanation of DASD devices and use, please visit the 1:1 Fast Facts for Families

    Is there a technology fee?
    DASD-sponsored device insurance via the annual tech fee will be posted to the Pay Schools Central portal (K-12). Without the technology insurance, the device is not covered and students assume the full cost of repairs and replacement (approximately $425 for tablets and $950 for two-in-one laptops). The technology insurance does not cover intentional or malicious damage. Students eligible for free and reduced priced lunches shall pay an equivalent prorated amount to access the technology insurance. This means that the technology insurance fee is waived for qualifying students. The annual tech fee is due the first week of school, or, if the family selects an interval payment plan, by the end of December. There are directions on the Pay Schools Central site if you want to use a payment plan.

    • K-8 annual tech fee: $75
    • 9 grade annual tech fee: $100
    • 10-12 annual tech fee: Legacy tiered structure - Check Pay Schools Central 

    How/When will I get my child’s device?

    The upgraded and unified Freshmen devices were distributed the week of July 27 with a makeup pickup distribution opportunity the week of August 10. The Freshmen pickup schedule was set before the School Board decision on Thursday, July 23 to start the school year 100% online. DASD devices issued to tenth to twelfth graders were not collected at the end of last school year. The kindergarten through eighth grade device distribution will commence in the middle of  August at your enrolled school. The details regarding the device pickup will be communicated by your school in conjunction with the distribution of additional instructional materials (like texts, workbooks, packets, novels, etc). DASD plans to distribute all technology and instructional materials to students prior to the first day of school. 

    If a child is using their own personal device, do they have to opt out or tell someone ahead of pick up of materials?
    The district is strongly recommending that all students take a DASD device. DASD Tech cannot service or support personal/BYOD devices, we cannot push software, apps, curricula and/or security patches to BYOD devices, nor can we provide a loaner device to BYOD students in need. Internet traffic for BYOD students while in the at-home 100% online environment will NOT be filtered or protected per CIPA/COPPA guidance, nor will URL reporting be available to parents. Also, online assessments administered by the State or College Board will have to be taken on a DASD device so the lockdown browser and security protocols can be guaranteed. The district’s goal in providing a 1:1 environment is to assure equal access to technology for all students. K-5 parents who elect not to take a DASD device should still participate in the materials distribution process at their local school because other instructional materials will be distributed at the same time. Parents should notify their school principal (or designee) at the time of materials distribution if they elect not to take a DASD device.

    Does the district provide internet access?

    For families that do not have access to the internet at home, here is a guide to low cost internet resources and a public domain map of free Wi-Fi hotspots. The district has ordered a very limited quantity of cellular hotspots with content filtering that can be loaned to families with demonstrated needs. If your family needs a cellular hotspot, please contact your school principal regarding availability. When contacting your principal, please designate the better cellular provider at your home address: Verizon or AT&T. Each hotspot can carry 5-7 simultaneous users, depending on load, so they are intended for family or immediate neighbor use. The family takes full responsibility for the care, return, repair or full replacement cost of the cellular hotspots and consents to the conditions noted in the AUP. DASD plans to distribute cellular hotspots to families in need by the first week of school.

    Should Downingtown Cyber Academy students go to the materials pick up day? If not, how do they get their materials? 
    Students enrolled in DCA will be provided with a DASD device. Therefore, DCA students should participate in the materials distribution process at their local school.


    Food Services

    Are you continuing the free meals for children ages 0-18?
    Yes. In an effort to support its community and provide needed relief during the coronavirus pandemic, DASD will extend its food services program and offer free meals to all children, ages 0-18, through December 31, 2020.

    Thanks to an allowance made by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), beginning Tuesday, September 8, DASD will provide a free, five-day supply of breakfasts and lunches per child. Children who are participating in programs in district buildings will also be eligible for free, daily meals.
    DASD’s five-day meal bags will be provided on Tuesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Downingtown High School West (445 Manor Ave., Downingtown, PA 19335; please use Manor Ave entrance). There is no need to preregister or provide identification. The currently-scheduled last day of services is December 31. Please contact Kathleen LaBricciosa with any questions at

    Are you allowing off-site students to pick up meals?
    Yes, all DASD students are eligible to receive a weekly meal pickup bag. An adult or student may pick up the meal bag, but student identity will be verified. No pre-ordering required. Learn more about this program on our food services website.

    How are you adapting your policies to help keep students safe during the pandemic?
    From online ordering to individually wrapped meals and utensils, Aramark is taking student safety seriously. Learn how Aramark is protecting student health on our food services website.



    What childcare support are you providing?
    In order to support our essential workers and working parents, the district is working with A Child’s Place (ACP) to provide full-day childcare options in several of our buildings. 

    We have also collected a list of local childcare facilities and information for your reference. DASD does not endorse these programs, rather offers this list as a service to our families.

    How much does it cost?

    • Weekly tuition rates are as follows:
    • Instructional Day 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. $175 (full-time 5 days), $125 (part-time 2-3 days)
    • After Care 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. $50 (full-time 5 days), $30 (part-time 2-3 days)
    • Sibling discounts are available: 10% 2nd child; 50% 3rd child
    • Scholarships are available and based on financial need. Families can apply when registering.

    How do I register for ACP?
    Registration for new families (not currently enrolled in ACP) is now open. ACP has emailed all parents registration information that can also be found here.

    How will the day look for my child at ACP?
    At the start of each day, wellness/temperature checks will be performed for staff and students.

    ACP staff will supervise and assist children as they participate in the Online Learning Plan. Children will be able to engage in other activities throughout the day including recess, arts and crafts, etc. Snack and lunch time will be supervised by ACP staff.   

    Kindergarten students will be offered kindergarten enrichment (included in the $175 tuition price) and parents who choose to keep their children home will also have an option to sign up for our virtual kindergarten enrichment. ACP will be providing additional details related to this program.

    Children will be grouped according to grade level and maintain a 1-12 staff to student ratio. Classrooms will be set up to facilitate social distancing and will not be combined in order to minimize exposure.

    To protect the safety of staff and children, CDC, CCHD and DHS guidelines and regulations will be followed throughout all programs.

    What should my child bring to ACP?
    Children should bring everything needed to participate in a regular day of online learning including: iPad (must have this daily), headphones, school books, paper, pencils, pens, crayons, class materials (math manipulatives, art supplies, etc.). Children should also bring 2 snacks and enough water for the entire school day, as water fountains will not be in use. Lunch can be packed or pre-ordered through the school district. All supplies and food should be brought in a school bag and lunch box with your child’s name clearly written somewhere on his/her belongings. 

    Will there be anyone on site to help my child with school work questions?
    ACP will provide on-site supervision while your child participates in his/her online class schedule. Assistance will be offered as needed; however, parents may need to do some additional work with their children in the evenings. Class sizes will be smaller, as social distancing will be practiced with most classrooms holding 10-12 children. Classes will remain separated throughout the day limiting the number of students allowed in common areas including bathrooms, cafeterias and playgrounds. Children will be able to engage in other activities throughout the day including recess, arts and crafts, etc. Snack and lunch time will be supervised by ACP staff. ACP will issue more specifics regarding their program within a few days of this announcement.

    Will there be a nurse on site to support ACP?
    Nursing will be provided in buildings where low incidence special education instruction is taking place.

    Can Downingtown Cyber Academy students enroll in ACP?
    Downingtown Cyber Academy students may enroll in ACP as space allows. ACP’s capacity will be determined by the number of staff ACP is able to hire between now and the start of schools. Once schools are reopened, the full-day ACP program will cease to exist and Cyber Academy students will need to find alternative childcare arrangements. Due to potential staffing limits, DASD staff and Online Learning Plan students will have enrollment priority.

    How is it safe to bring kids in for ACP but not for regular instruction?
    The answer comes down to numbers and space. We have more than 13,000 students in our district and that does not allow adequate space in our schools to distance children 6 feet from each other, as recommended by the state and health organizations. If we move to a staggered model, we still have 6,500 students to spread across 16 schools. ACP currently has 295 total students enrolled who will be spaced out across ten schools. The significantly decreased number of in-person students allows for adequate social distancing.  

    Why is DASD allowing ACP in the schools and not other childcare organizations? 
    ACP has a multi-year contract with DASD to provide before-care, after-care and kindergarten enrichment to DASD students. In response to the pandemic, the district requested that ACP expand their services to include full-day care in an effort to support district families during the pandemic.

    Is DASD financially profiting by having ACP provide full-day childcare in its facilities?
    DASD does not receive payments from ACP for students that enroll in their program. In fact, the district negotiated to waive its usual rental fees for ACP while school is fully online, with an agreement that the savings would be passed down to families. ACP has also waived its before care fee and included it in their standard rate.

    To compare rates, previously, ACP’s “day off” program was $55 a day, which would total $275 for the week. ACP is charging $175 a week for full-day childcare, including before care. It is a savings of $100 per week for families from the standard ACP rate.

    Is the district paying for supplies for ACP or cleaning their rooms?
    The district is not paying for any PPE or materials for ACP. ACP will be cleaning the rooms that they use throughout the day, and the school district will thoroughly clean and disinfect all rooms weekly. ACP will pay a cleaning fee for these services. Common areas will be cleaned and disinfected regularly, as some DASD low incidence programs are in the building, as well as teachers who choose to instruct from their classrooms rather than online.

    Can the district subsidize daycare for parents? 
    By law, the district is not permitted to subsidize childcare payments.

    Who can answer more questions about ACP?
    Please contact Tara Atene at with any additional questions. 

    Special Education

    How will we support our students who are usually paired with a one-on-one aid throughout the school day?
    Students who have a paraprofessional in their IEP will work with the IEP team to evaluate current needs in the online environment and develop a support plan as needed. Families with questions regarding their child’s services should reach out to their building’s special education supervisor. Supervisor information can be found on the Pupil Services section of the DASD website. 

    Why are you only bringing in students with special education needs?
    We are offering an optional, in-person pilot instructional plan for many of our low incidence programs this fall. We have selected these classrooms for the level of needs they service and to allow us to carefully monitor health and safety practices throughout the school day. 

    Are you transporting students?
    Yes, busing will be made available to low incidence special education students receiving in-person instruction.

    How are you keeping students/staff safe in schools?
    We will have a low number of students assigned to each classroom with teacher and paraprofessional support. PPE will be provided to all staff and students. Measures outlined in the health and safety plan will be in place for any in-person instruction. Nurses will be on site, along with administrators from the building and special education department. 

    For students in the building, is the air being appropriately circulated in a manner that keeps students safe?
    All the HVAC systems will be in the "occupied" mode every day. This means that all blowers will be on and the proper air exchange will be taking place.  All units as set for ASHRAE standards. We even exceed these standards to ensure a higher-than-required air circulation and exchange of air. All systems are run through computer automation that will trigger an alarm if something is not working properly. Our technicains are constantly monitoring these systems and make corrections as soon as needed.

    Athletics/Extracurricular Activities

    Are you continuing with athletics?

    At this point in time, we are continuing with Phase 1 of our Summer Athletics Health and Safety Plan. Fall sports coaches, parents, and athletes/band members must follow all safety guidelines as outlined in our plan. These practices are voluntary, held outside, and are for the purpose of getting in shape and prepared for a possible fall season. We are waiting to hear from the league in terms of when the actual season may start, and so we have not made a final decision yet. We have pushed back any decision until early September and will reevaluate at that time.

    On August 28, the Ches-Mont League issued the following statement:

    The Ches-Mont League will continue to monitor the health and safety guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Chester County Health Department, and the Governor’s office. Based upon the current health and safety recommendations, the Ches-Mont has voted to postpone fall sports competitions at this time. 

    The Ches-Mont League, in conjunction with guidance from school district administration, will continue to monitor the CCHD recommendations. If the CCHD changes their recommendations, we will consider all options. The Ches-Mont has requested that the PIAA District One Committee explore and propose alternative solutions that will allow our fall student athletes to compete at a later date. In addition, the Ches-Mont will create and present alternate solutions to the PIAA District One Committee. 

    We believe that athletics serve a vital role in a student’s social-emotional well-being. As such, the Ches-Mont is allowing all schools to continue with their voluntary workouts as per each School District’s Health and Safety Guidelines. The Ches-Mont will continue to monitor the situation as we are all very eager to have our student-athletes return to competition in a safe and healthy manner.


    Are clubs or extracurriculars permitted to continue?
    Clubs and extracurriculars that can take place online are permitted to continue in the 2020-21 school year.

    Can outside organizations/people use the district facilities? 
    We are currently closed to all outside organizations. We will continue to monitor and reevaluate this decision as time progresses.


    This page will be updated as more information becomes available.