DASD 1:1 Technology Initiative

  • There are many research-based reasons to engage the school community in a technology initiative that provides a one student to one device ratio. Given the resources necessary to implement such an endeavor, it is important to prioritize these reasons in concise and understandable terms. Foremost, it is essential to remember that the 1:1 technology initiative is a teaching and learning initiative that fits snugly within the DASD three pronged academic vision*. With this point paramount, here are five reasons why a 1:1 technology initiative improves teaching and learning:

    1. It equalizes student access to technology

    2. It increases engagement for students and teachers (*Engagement, Agency) 

    3. It customizes, differentiates and individualizes teaching and learning (*Agency, Rigor)

    4. It increases executive functioning skills for students

    5. It better prepares students for college and career

    Please review the DASD Fast Facts for Families for all 1:1 details and fee information.