Address Change for Current Students

  • Please communicate all address changes to your school. One of the following forms of Proof of Residency must be submitted to the school to process the address change:

    • Current Rental Agreement or Lease (must be signed by landlord and tenant and include all pages)

    •  Deed (must be signed and include all pages)

    •  Settlement Statement (must be signed and include all pages)

    •  Current DASD School Tax Bill (Berkheimer)

    •  Current Monthly Mortgage (Payment Due) Statement


    The following are NOT acceptable forms of proof of residency: utility bills, certificate of occupancy, title insurance policies, township or county tax bills, annual mortgage interest statement, or local or federal tax statements. Failure to submit the appropriate document will delay your address change.

    The school will notify the Transportation Department and will provide you with the new bus schedule once it is finalized. Please Note: Transportation changes take 4-5 school days to finalize. Please be prepared to provide transportation for the first few days.

    If the student will be moving from one DASD school to another as a result of the address change, please contact the school they are leaving to initiate the transfer process. Once complete, please contact the new school to complete the transfer process.