Summer School 2020: Credit Recovery

  • The 2020 Summer School Session is now closed.  Check back here on April 5, 2021 for information about the 2021 Summer School Session!

    The Downingtown Area School District is offering a credit recovery program that includes coursework for a previously-failed high school course. Recovery credit courses are reported on the official transcript and the grades are calculated into the student’s grade point average (GPA). Courses are aligned to the DASD curriculum and PA Core Standards.

    Important: Our credit recovery courses are designed especially for high school students who did not pass a course initially but learned enough to make a complete repetition of the class unnecessary. With our diagnostic-driven model, students can test out of the material they’ve mastered and focus on the concepts they missed the first time around. The online courses are crafted to keep students on task and moving forward, utilizing a “chunked” methodology to increase retention. Students who require direct instruction should consider retaking the entire course during the 20-21 school year.

    It is NOT recommended that students take more than one credit recovery course per summer.

    Students will be in class working at their own pace to master the material and to earn course credit.  A DASD teacher will be monitoring the students in the class to answer questions, to review material individually, and to encourage the students in their progress. 

    Because of the ongoing COVID-19 regulations, our credit recovery courses will be entirely online this summer. Parents should talk with their children about whether or not an online credit recovery course is a good fit.  Students can also recover credit by taking the course during the school year instead if that is more appropriate.

Registration Information

  • Students must first register for a credit recovery course on the Downingtown Area School District website between June 1st and June 17th.  Students will not be allowed to start their courses unless they’re paid in full. There are no refunds after June 29th.

    STUDENT-ATHLETES: Please check with your building NCAA-Coordinator before registering if you need eligibility.

    FINAL GRADES: Grades for students taking a credit recovery course will be automatically added to Infinite Campus at the conclusion of the course. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that final course grades have been received by the Counseling Office. 


  • Payment for summer school the responsibility of the student. Students will not be placed in a course until the course has been paid in full. Credit recovery courses cost $225. The district will pay for credit recovery courses for any students who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunches. However, the district will only pay for a credit recovery course the first time; any subsequent attempts must be paid for by the student or taken during the regular school year.

Credit Recovery Courses

  • Algebra I
    Algebra IB
    Algebra II

    English 9
    English 10
    English 11
    English 12

    Eastern Civ (9th grade)
    Western Civ (10th grade)
    US History (11th grade)
    Amer Gov/Socio (12th grade)

    Environmental Science
    Intro to Chem and Physics
    Natural Disasters


    French I
    German I
    Latin I
    Spanish I

    If you need to recover credit for a course not on this list, please email