Downingtown East Kindness Week!

  • Kindness Week

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    Kindness Week Kindness Week

    April 12th-15th was KINDNESS WEEK @ DEHS. Below are the Kindness Activities we did this week for staff and students. 

    Monday- Kindness Notes -placed in mailbox (send a kind note to a staff member this week). If you’d like to send more than one note, there are extra notes in the main office.

    **Sponsored by Cultural Equity Committee

    Tuesday- Kind Paws - place a message on a paw during lunches-one student from each lunch will be chosen randomly for a prize.

    **Sponsored by the Wellness Committee & H.Y.P.E. Club

    Wednesday- Kind Bars- spreading kindness through a snack placed in mailboxes for all Staff.

    **Sponsored by H.Y.P.E. Club 

    Thursday- “Acknowledgement Day & Wear your Kindness T-shirt” –when you’re around others either in the halls or at your desk, acknowledge them by saying “HELLO!” It means a lot and can set the tone of someone’s day J.

    **Sponsored by the Wellness Committee & Cultural Equity Committee.

Downingtown West Day Without Hate - Friday, April 30th 2021

News & Events

  • Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month 2021

    DASD Celebrates Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month



    Community Book Event - Monday, May 24th - 6:30-7:30PM

     Link to Sign Up for Event

    Book Committee Event


    Women's History Month 2021

    DASD Celebrates Women's History Month

    Women's History Month 2021 Video #1

    Women's History Month 2021 Video#2

    Women's History Month 2021 Video #3

    Women's History Month 2021 Video #4  


    Honoring Hero's From History

    5th Graders from Brandywine Wallace (Ms. Kaaufmann's Class) researched and presented their projects. 


    Director Blust Reads to PV's Third Grade for Women's History Month!

    Women's History Month

    Mrs. Maureen O'Neill Kauffman Fifth Grade "Women in History Project" (Brandywine Wallace Elementary School)


    Dr. Coughlin, Veterinarian, speaks to PV Third Grade for Women's History Month!

    WHM VeterinarianWHM Animal

    Mrs. Maureen O'Neill Kauffman Fifth Grade "Women in History Project" (Brandywine Wallace Elementary School)


    Sasya Muchivolu shares her experience!

     Photo Photo

    GirlGover Sasya, a senior at Downingtown STEM, shared with us how the program has helped her feel heard as a teen advocate and leader.

    Don't forget to check out our Instagram stories for GirlGov committee project updates! 

    #25YearsofHerstory #WomensHistoryMonth                                                                                                             

    Mrs. Maureen O'Neill Kauffman Fifth Grade "Women in History Project" (Brandywine Wallace Elementary School)


    The Downingtown East Football Program is proud to share our enthusiasm for Women’s History Month!

    As a football program, we value women and their positive and powerful impact on society. Over the course of the month of March, we had our players form into teams lead by senior leaders to build presentations on women who inspire them. 60+ players came together to create 12 presentations that were judged by three women (Thank you to Ms. Mary Beth Scott; Ms. Leighann Dickey; and Ms. Mary Cate Matta). The top three videos are linked below. We hope that these presentations do justice to their subjects and shine a much needed light on the value that women add to society. To view the rest of the presentations please visit our website at

    Jose Datil – Stacy Abrams

    Mike Giardino – Sarah Thomas

    Connor Kelly – Malala Yousafzai


    Black History Month 2021

    DASD Celebrates Black History Month

    Black History Month Video, Director of DEI


    "We Have A Dream"

    Successful MC6 Black History Kahoot Game by Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center

    On Friday, February 19, Marsh Creek held its 3rd Annual Black History Month Kahoot. The twist for this year was that it took place over Zoom! Over one hundred and thirty students participated in a 25 question Kahoot about famous African American leaders, accomplishments and moments in history. Students laughed and cheered as blended new knowledge with a celebration of the special month.




    Photo Credit: Michelle Marsden

    DEHS Celebrates Black History Month through (Door Decorating)

    Downingtown East High School Clubs (Aevidum, H.Y.P.E. and Black Student Union) along with the Cultural Equity Committee collaborated to honor Black History Month by celebrating the contributions of African Americans who impacted our lives. The students chose past and present African Americans to showcase their influences by creating a door poster of the individual. Thirty-one classroom and office doors were decorated throughout school along with display cases. Also students participated in an activity where they shared how African Americans inspired them through the arts. 





    To View All Classroom Doors: Click Here

    Photo Credit: Jynelle Sass

    Black History Month Lessons by Michelle Swift from Lionville Middle School

    Ms. Swifts's class celebrated Black History Month by reading “Little Leaders” by Vashti Harrison. They have been reading about a different bold woman from Black history each day that month. Next week, the students will pick one of the people they learned about to write a short report on.

    sdgdsdsg sdbsd

    Black History Month Lessons by Mrs. Swisher at Lionville Middle School



    2nd Grade Teacher- Beth Edwards (Pickering Valley)

    To share out and celebrate Black History Month at Pickering Valley, Mrs. Edwards put together this amazing shared creation- Periodic Table of Black History! This idea originated from the Lakeland Public Library and was shared out with all to encourage conversation about the contributions of African-Americans in our nation. 

    Original Post: Click Here


    Photo Credit: Beth Edwards


    Photo Credit: Beth Edwards


    Photo Credit: Beth Edwards

    Black History Month Activity Ms. Kellie Michel

    Students were able to choose from an extensive list of important figures to study for Black History Month. The objective was to study about that person’s life, but also analyze why they are significant and included in the list of important people. They were able to discuss that among their classmates, and topped off the activity with a visual representation of their figure!





    Teacher Awarded National Liberty Museum's 14th Annual 'Teacher as Hero' Award

    Virginia Barbarin, who teaches 4th Grade at Beaver Creek Elementary and teaches at the SEBA Enrichment Academy, was honored as one of 10 educators, from four states for outstanding work in the classroom. Barbarin was awarded for her work teaching Middle School African American History and Culture at the St. Paul’s Baptist Church SEBA Enrichment Academy. She was honored at the National Liberty Museum's 14th Annual ‘Teacher as Hero’ Awards. The “Teacher As Hero Award” ceremony was hosted by the National Liberty Museum & their sponsor, State Farm. The mission of the SEBA Enrichment Academy is to provide all youth, teens, and adults a place to learn, experience and understand African & African American History & Culture. 

    page 1

    Photo Credit: Virginia Barbarin


    Photo Credit: Virginia Barbarin

    page 3

    Photo Credit: Virginia Barbarin

    Martin Luther King Day 2021

    In honor of Martin Luther King’s Day of Service the Aevidum, Black Student Union (BSU) and HYPE clubs partnered to collect diapers, wipes and pampers to donate to Gaudenzia. The items will go to mothers and children in need.

    donations two

    Photo Credit: Lakesha Costello

    donations 1

    Photo Credit: Lakesha Costello

    Celebration of MLK Day at Beaver Creek

    In celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, 4th graders at BC have organized a non-perishable food drive. We are accepting donations until the end of January.


    Photo Credit: Beaver Creek Elementary School 


    Photo Credit: Beaver Creek Elementary School 

    Portrait Art Recognition 

    Our art teacher, Mr. Andrus, has our kindergarten students learning about the works of colonial artist Moses Williams (c. 1777 – 1825) who lived and worked in Philadelphia. Mr. Andrus started our fifth graders on their portrait project studying the works of contemporary American artist Kehinde Wiley (b. 1977). 


    Photo Credit: Beaver Creek Elementary School 


    Photo Credit: Beaver Creek Elementary School 

    Committee Members Responsible for News and Events: Tammy Marroletti, Laura Martini, Jackie Danielsoon, Audrey Blust, Angela Baer, Danielle Carre, Lisa Montemuro, Holly Sawyer, Valerie Connors




    Since 2018-2019 school year, Downingtown East High School has supported “DAY WITHOUT DATE.”

    This nationally known day is in memory of those who were killed during shootings on school and college campuses across the US. After the shootings at Virginia Tech, college students crated, “DAY WITOUT HATE.”  In past years at East, we have created “DAY WITHOUT HATE” T-shirts and held various activities throughout school for staff and students.

DHSW MLK Day Video

DASD Equity on Fox News #1

DASD Equity on Fox News #2

DASD Equity on Fox News #3