Cultural Equity Task Force

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    “Relationships are the foundation for institutional work.” 

    Cultural Equity Taskforce 

    The purpose of the DASD Cultural Equity Task Force is to ensure equity for students, staff, and families by eliminating bias and inequities in our classrooms and in our schools and also by enacting policies, procedures, and practices that are both culturally responsive and culturally sustaining. 

     There are four formal groups of individuals working on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work in the district.

    1.     Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    2.     Cultural Equity Taskforce Leadership Team
    3.     Cultural Equity Taskforce Team
    4.     Building Equity Teams

     The CETF adheres to the following responsibilities:  

    • Identify equity issues in the district and propose plans to correct problems.
      • Actively identifying and eliminating all forms of bias, discrimination and inequity within the district.
      • Ensure that Develop equitable policies, procedures and practices are equitable so that to ensure that every student gets what he/she/they need (academic, social, emotional), every student is an integral part of each classroom, and every adult feels heard and valued
      • Assist Director of DEI with tri-annual district climate surveys of all staff.
      • Explore data for trends and use data for improvement.
      • Respond directly to incidents within the district that affect equity in the DASD community.
      • Make recommendations about appropriate actions in making decisions regarding district activities and policies
    • Propose events, initiatives, and programs to enhance district climate and culture.
    • Ensure all diversity events, initiatives, and programs fit the district’s missions and goals.
    • Create specific timelines for initiatives.
    • Attend CETF meetings that report regularly to the Director of DEI.
    • Meet with the Director of DEI separately for subcommittee updates.
    • Serve on at least 1 subcommittee per person which actively addresses equity concerns in the district.
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    To sign up for a subcommittee and join the taskforce, fill out the following form. Form Here

    Tweet: @equitydasd

    IG: dasdequity

    ***CETF members must attend at least one session every six months to maintain membership.***


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