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Career Cafe 2019-2020 Schedule

Name Occupation Firm Category Date East/West
Peter Ferrantello Technician XPress Energy Trades 9/5/2019 East
Don Dougherty Storyteller Classroom Adventure Stories Entrepreneurship 9/18/2019 West
Rob Stiegerwald President Arco Design-Build Construction 9/19/2019 East
Steve Shreiner Arborist Shreiner Tree Care Entrepreneurship 9/24/2019 West
Scott Larsen Patent Attorney Incyte Pharmaceuticals Law and Medicine 10/22/2019 West
Chelsea Bellay Business Development Nave Newell Civil Engineering 10/25/2019 West
Siera Smith Consultant Elevate GCG Entrepreneurship 10/29/2019 East
Mark Shouldis Recruiter Automotive Training Center Automotive 11/6/2019 West
Steve Curlee Recruiter United States Navy Military 11/14/2019 East
Tara Siano Communications Coordinator TMNA Services Construction 11/15/2019 West
Chris Mangano Owner Meridian Technologies Cybersecurity 12/3/2019 West
AJ Goepfert Travel Agent World Travel Inc. Hospitality 12/12/2019 East
Ryan Cody National Sales Director DirectLync Fintech 1/21/2020 West
Keith Cline Founder/Podcaster Venturefizz Job Interview Tactics 2/13/2020 West
Todd Nelson SVP Operations Jornaya Media/Advertising/IT 3/4/2020 East
Joe DeAngelis Carpenter/Council Representative Keystone Mountain Lakes Carpenters Union Carpentry 3/13/2020 West
Keith Davis Technical Design Director KRD Design Art 3/20/2020 East
Olivia Maurer Center Coordinator Life Sciences Pennsylvania Healthcare 3/31/2020 West
Eric Light VP WSFS Bank Finance 4/7/2020 East