• Welcome Back to the Music Room!

    Posted by Carolyn DeNicolo on 8/20/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Welcome back to the music room, Unicorns!


    Miss D. and Lanikai Ukuleles


    After a long restful summer, I am eager to get back into the room and create music with everyone again!  This is a very special year for us because it will be our last in room 139.  Though our year's "to-do" list will not change, the appearance of the room will change as we go.  Towards the end of this school year, we will need to start taking posters off of the wall, the instruments will need to be carefully wrapped and packed up, and the bulletin boards will come down.  We will enjoy being in this space as long as we can!


    We will continue to use our Unicorn Points and color-house system this year.  Congratulations to the GREEN team for winning the "House Cup" last school year.  We will make a few changes to our seats EVERY CLASS PERIOD.  You might have up to six different seats during one class!


    I look forward to seeing everyone soon!


    Miss D.



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  • October 2018

    Posted by Carolyn DeNicolo on 10/29/2018 6:00:00 AM

    Welcome back to the music room!


    Ukulele Wall

    October is my favorite month of the year.  The leaves start to change, the weather starts to behave, flannel shirts, cozy sweaters, CANDY, the mosquitos get sucked back into the evil pit from whence they came; it's just a great month.


    October at the Hills has brought some crazy times.  How many times has a tree fallen and caused total power failure now??



    Please enjoy this image of Mrs. Hale and I collaborating at Trestle Place.  We may, or may not have had too much coffee.



    My Dad, who is throughly enjoying retirement, kindly carved this adorable Jack-o-Lantern for me.  Unfortunately, since it's so snuggly warm in my room, he's turned into a Mold-O-Lantern within the span of a week.  Poor Jack.

    Each grade level has been working on their own music concepts this month and are beginning to get into some performance pieces.  Kindergarten are learning a piece of music called “Scary Skeletons” which you may have heard a sneaky bit of since it gets stuck in our heads very easily.  It’s such a fun song to sing.  If you haven’t heard it yet, I’m pretty sure they will be performing it on Wednesday, October 31st during their centers activity.

     Scary Skeleton

    In first grade we are learning to read rhythms and make connections between syllables and music notes in poems, chants and songs.  You may or may not have heard the tune “Muffin Man” a few hundred times.  #SorryNotSorry

    Muffin Man


    Second grade are plugging along in their music theory as well and just learned their big note for the year, “super ta.”  My unicorns really love when we get up and move around, but they also really love when they can become music notes for the sake of making concepts come to life.  Shout out to all my silent unicorns this month hiding under the “super cape.”


    Third grade is still in the process of reviewing second grade concepts and beginning to tackle the marathon of reading music notes on a music staff using absolute pitch.  One of their favorites this month has been the song “Down to the Bakers Shop.”


    Fourth and fifth grade has been really enjoying learning the ukulele this month.  We are learning using a variety of traditional and new methods.  One of the newer methods I’m really eager to begin with them is the application called Nearpod.  Think “fancy power-point.”  Students will have the opportunity to go back and forth between whole-group learning and independent learning.  I’m really loving this new app for them.  It gives the unicorns a chance to bring their iPads to music but is way more structured than just noodling around on Garage band. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)  You unicorns have their own Google Drive accounts that they can access at home.  This cycle they will be recording themselves and uploading it to their class folders.  Please ask them about this so you can hear what they are learning to play in music class!


    Ukulele Family

    Thank you Mr. Giering for the two new Ukulele's for the music room!

    (From left to right: Soprano, Tenor, Baritone)


    I hope you’re all enjoying the “sweater weather” and foliage.  I wish you warm sunny days and lots of repetitive songs!  #SorryNotSorry



    Miss D. tested, Lucy approved.

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  • Until we meet again, my friend.

    Posted by Carolyn DeNicolo on 9/24/2018 6:00:00 AM

    Welcome back to the music room!


    Ukulele Wall


    Our Unicorn community experienced a tremendous loss last Thursday, September 13, 2018.  Mrs. Krygiel-Evans embraced life and all of the beauty it had to offer.  She loved her job, her students, her friends, her family, Wawa, and of course colors.  Lots and lots of colors.  Mrs. Krygiel-Evans could walk into a room filled with strangers at 9:00am and walk out at 9:05am with twenty brand new friends and a list of their birthdays. 


    The Ukuleles have come down off the wall this cycle!  It was such a wonderful thing to hear laughter and the gentle sounds of an acoustic string instrument playing in the music room.  The healing sound of music brought many smiles to the teachers passing by outside my room.  I am working to put their work binders of Ukulele music on their class pages in the google drive.


    Chorus and Music Ensemble will begin this week!  Our first chorus rehearsal will be on Wednesday, September 26th and we will begin promptly at 8:00am.  That will mean musicians should be at school, in the gym by 7:55am at the latest.  Music Ensemble rehearses in the music room but we will have the same start time.  Our first music ensemble rehearsal will be on Friday, September 29th.


    Moving forward can be difficult sometimes but I am looking forward to getting back into our routine. Below is a piece of art done by a student of ours from a few years ago.  Mrs. Krygiel-Evans pulled me out of my classroom one afternoon to show me, laughing the entire way.  She said it was the perfect representation of our friendship; her the eternal optimist and me skeptical of everything. So I do not say goodbye to my friend and colleague I’ll say, “Until we meet again.”


    Student Art work

    Uwchlan Hills Heart

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  • September 2018

    Posted by Carolyn DeNicolo on 9/13/2018 6:00:00 AM

    Professor D.

    Welcome back to the music room, Unicorns!


    September is one of my favorite months of the year.  (October is my all-time favorite!)  I know some teachers love the first week of school…but I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t.  I don’t love all of the time spent going over rules, procedures and emergency drills that are essential for making our time together efficient and fun. It’s the second cycle I love because the instruments come out and we finally get to really dive into creating great music together.


    I’m still working on creating a folder in the Google drive for each child’s teacher.  Once this has been created, you’ll be able to access it and view or listen to performances we do in class.



    As your unicorns come home this month, you may hear continued reference to "Unicorn Points."   Students from kindergarten thru fifth grade have been sorted (alphabetically) into Unicorn Teams.  In these teams, students will have the chance to earn points not just for their classroom team but for their building team.  Each color team has about 4-6 students from each class in each grade level! So a kindergarten orange team can earn points for their fifth grade orange teammates. 


    Unicorn Points


    These book rings are attached to the work-boxes students have in their designated seating area. Students in third, fourth and fifth grade will receive pony beads through out the period to place on the book ring for their team. 


    Please note, students in kindergarten, first and second receive laminated paper circles and do not handle the beads.  The last class of the cycle day helps me count them and place them into the correct collection container. 


    If this reminds you of Harry Potter and the "House Points" system, you'd be right.  This choice was heavily influenced by that very system however there are five unicorn teams, not four.


    Students earn unicorn points for their teams by demonstrating acts of kindness and respect through-out a class period, volunteering to perform something for their classmates that we have been working on, answering questions using critical thinking and applying previously gained knowledge to new concepts.  At the end of every trimester, we will total up the points and determine who has won. The winning team will determine the game or activity we play during the last class before the start of the next trimester.


    We have only had music twice for the school year, and already every team has over 100 unicorn points!  We are off to a wonderful start!



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  • Welcome to the Music Room!

    Posted by Carolyn DeNicolo on 8/27/2018 10:00:00 AM

    Welcome to the Music Room




    Welcome back to the music room!  I am very excited to begin this year with new music and new ideas.  But first...


    A little about me:  

    Professor DeNicolo

    This is my 17th year of teaching general-vocal music.  I graduated from Downingtown High School (back when it was the only high school we had) where I participated in the Blue & Gold Marching band.  My time with the band inspired me to become a music teacher because if I could somehow combine my love of music with employment I'd have it made!  


    Piccolo Power

    I went on to West Chester University and spent four years learning to play every single instrument I could, though the Tuba and Double bass were a little problematic since I'm only 4'11".

    Senior Recital

    I perfected the art of drinking my weight in coffee and to this day have a deep love of the sweet elixer of life.




    After graduating with my Bachelor's Degree I was hired in the Coatesville Area School district where I worked for two years.  I was sad to leave but when the DASD was hiring I took the opporunity to come home.  I have been at Uwchlan Hills ever since!


    Unicorns Rock


    Most of my students know about my cat Lucy.  Her likes include tuna, me, straws, warm-snuggly blankets, sunshine, and anything I'm trying to work with including the computer, pens, changing the sheets, and the broom.  Her dislikes include literally everything else.  


    Here she is trying to muster some Unicorn spirit but deep down hating every minute of this.


    Here she is demonstrating her sweeter side after a big dish of tuna!


    And I'm sure you may also have heard of my love of Harry Potter.  I started reading the series in 1999 and I return to it every summer as my "back to school" tradition.  I love how many relevant themes there are in the story.  So many parallels may be drawn between the fantasy wizarding world and our very own muggle (non-magical) world.

    HP Forever

    Sometimes, just for fun I will come to school in costume.  Don't worry, I haven't lost my mind, it's just way more fun to come to school in costume sometimes!  Here's me doing my best Professor Trelawney.

    Professor Trelawney


    I have an amazing team of teachers that I get to work with regularly.  Though I am realizing I don't have a picture with all of them so just take my word for it.  All of my team teachers are amazing.

    PE Lib Mus   Last Day of School


    We're in disguise.  Get it?



    I also get to work with my mom, Mrs. DeNicolo!  But she doesn't like having her picture taken and definitely does NOT love having her picture online.  So please enjoy this drawing of the two of us at school.


    Family Portrait


    Last school year I learned I'm pretty good at yoga so I've spent the summer getting even better at it and even took a class with Ms. Smith...outside!  

    Outside Yoga

    Some of you may have seen me during concerts conducting the 4th-5th grade chorus and music ensemble or at bus duty, but during the course of a 6-day learning cycle (Days A-F) I will see EVERY SINGLE CHILD IN THE ENTIRE SCHOOL!  When students come to the music room they are in for a fun experience!


    Follow me on Twitter for more!  I'm funny, I promise!




    We will be using Google drive to store those performances so that you will have the chance to see what actually happens in music class instead of hearing "nothing" when you ask about your child's day.  You will be receiving an email from me with a protected link.  Only those with the link will be able to view the content to protect your child's privacy and of course those who do not wish for photos of their child to be posted will be honored. 

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