Fundraising for Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center

  • Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center's "Agent of Change" program is looking for donations to help support some of the programs we run and that our students participate in. Please consider donating and helping the Home & School Association raise money for these great causes. The donation button is below and will take you to our PayPal donation portal.

    Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center’s “Agent of Change” venture is a school-wide (1000+ students) community service program and is a component of a Project Based Learning Unit called “Art and Identity.” Students will first look outward to learn about problems in their world, then look inward to identify what they care most passionate about, and collaboratively develop a plan with other like-minded students to help solve those problems.

    Besides learning the value of service, students will be expected to collaborate to develop, revise and execute a plan over a period of months.  We are using resources from “Youth Changing the World,” a community service curriculum plan developed for young adolescents by the Youth Service America (YSA) organization.

    We greatly appreciate your donation!