• General Attendance Information

    Reporting Absences

    Email:          mc_attendance@dasd.org; email will be accepted as signed parent/guardian excuse note. Provide the student’s name, date of absence and reason for the absence.  Doctor's notes may also be emailed to this email address.  If you sent an email for absence note (s), please do not send
    a written note as well.

    A signed parent/guardian excuse note or email mc_attendance@dasd.org excuse note must be returned within 3 days of the student's absence or the absence will be marked unexcused and/or illegal. A physician's excuse is required for any consecutive absence of more than 3 school days. Please refer to DASD Code of Student Conduct 7.16.14

    If you are planning a family trip, please use the Request forms for Educational and Family trips

    PA state law requires written documentation anytime a student is not at school

    • School Messenger will send an automatic phone call to parents/guardians if a student has been marked absent from homeroom. If you feel the call was made in error, and that your child is actually at school, please call 610-646-0080 extension 31003 to verify.

    • If a student arrives late we need written documentation - either a doctor or parent note.  You may drop your child off with said note; you are not required to sign them in to school. Please note: Not all lates are excused, even with a parent note. See the Student Code of Conduct for acceptable reasons a student may be late to school. (ref. SCofC)

    • If a student is leaving early, we need written communication brought to the office by the student the morning of the early dismissal upon the arrival to school.  An early dismissal pass will be issued at that time so that the student may meet you in the office at the designated dismissal time. Early dismissals require a Parent/Guardian signature in our student sign-out book.

    • Any time you have an emergency need for an early dismissal, please call the school at 610-646-0080 extension 31003. Please do not send early dismissal requests via email.

    • Absence notes need to be received at the school within three days of the student’s return to school.   Our attendance email, mc_attendance@dasd.org (there is an “_” between mc and attendance), may be used for absence notes.   If you send an email for the absence note, do not also send a written note.