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     Welcome to Downingtown Area School District Food Services by Aramark! Let us introduce the computerized Debit Point of Sale System (“POS”)! 

    We are pleased to offer daily menus featuring a variety of exciting Meal Entrees with appropriate sides and milk, as well as a wide array of snack and a la carte items. The price for breakfast is $1.00 at the elementary and middle schools. The price for the high school breakfast bundle is $1.75. The price of an elementary lunch meal is $2.35, middle school meals are $2.60 and high school meals are $3.20 (for a regular meal bundle) and consist of the 5 Meal Program Components: A meat or protein, a bread or starch, a vegetable, a fruit and a milk. A student must take at least 3 different components in order to purchase a Lunch Meal at $2.35 for elementary students, $2.60 for middle schools students or $3.20 for high school students.  If fewer than 3 components are chosen, a la carte pricing must be charged. Also, regardless of Meal Eligibility Status (Paid, Free or Reduced), all additional Meals on the same day will be sold at ala carte price. 

    Here is a summary of the basic facts about our computerized Debit Point of Sale (“POS”) System: 

    ·         Our POS System & Software provides complete confidentiality for all students’ Meal Status, whether Paid, Free or Reduced.

    ·         Participation in the *debit system* (*maintaining an account balance*) is optional. Daily cash sales are accepted.

    ·         Students are issued a Personal Identification Number (“PIN”) by the school district.

    ·         The PIN must be used for all cafeteria POS transactions, including “Cash Sales”.

    ·         Payments into the debit system may be cash, check, money order, or PayForIt at www.payforit.net. Instructions for setting up PayForIt account(s) can be found on the Food Service page of the district website. You can also call their Phone Support at 800-572-6642, M-F 8:30am-7:30pm EST.

    ·         Checks and money orders should be made payable to: DASD CAFETERIA ACCOUNT

    ·         Checks returned by the bank will be charged-back in full to the student’s account.

    ·         Food Services reserves the right to insist upon cash or money order payments after a maximum of three

    (3) Returned Checks on any student’s account.

    ·         Please refer to the 'DASD Cafeteria Charge Policy' for information on charging for Meals.

    ·        Student accounts are set up Open Account (unrestricted purchases). If you wish you may set your student’s accounts as Meals Only (no ala carte purchases) or May Not Charge (student would need money on account or cash to make purchases). Please contact the Food Service Office to have these account settings changed at FoodServiceInformation@dasd.org  

    ·         POS balances are transferred to the students’ accounts throughout the district in each successive year.

    ·         No cash refunds are issued to students at any time. Check refunds will be issued to parents, upon request. Please email FoodServiceInformation@dasd.org

    If you have any questions concerning your student’s cafeteria services or account balance or participation information on the POS System, please contact the cafeteria manager at your student’s school. Thank you for your continued support!


    Downingtown Area School District  


    Kathleen LaBricciosa

    District Food Services Secretary

    610-269-4400 x 7595