• July 2018


    Dear Parent/Guardian: 

    The Downingtown Area School District has developed plans to protect students in the event of an incident at the Limerick Generating Station. These plans have been developed in accordance with state and federal guidelines and are in consonance with county and municipal plans. Normally school will be closed in the event of an incident; however, plans have been developed to address any situations while school may be in session. To make the plans effective, Downingtown Area School District needs your cooperation. 

    Our records indicate that you have a child or children attending the Downingtown Area Schools, and that you reside in an area designated as the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) of the Limerick Generating Station (the Emergency Planning Zone is the entire area of approximately a 10-mile radius from the station). The area is listed as an area that may need to take protective actions (shelter or evacuate) in the event of an emergency at the Generating Station. 

    In order to protect your children in the event of an emergency while school is in session, the School District may exercise two options: 

    (1)   SHELTERING the students at the school they attend until a parent, guardian or individual with parental permission arrives to pick up the student; or

    (2)   EVACUATING the students to a central point at Downingtown Senior High School (EAST CAMPUS) until they are picked up. 

    Pickering Valley Elementary School may be the only building for which the evacuation option would be exercised due to its proximity to the Limerick Generating Station. The District will not dismiss any students into the EPZ area in the event of an emergency. Students will remain under the supervision of District staff/personnel until reunited with parents or authorized individuals. 

    Any students remaining at their home school after 8:00 PM will be transported to the Downingtown Senior High School (EAST CAMPUS) where they will be provided food and lodging if needed. 

    During the emergency, you should listen to your local Emergency Broadcast System for up-to-date information (1210 AM). AVOID USING TELEPHONES AND DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. If a shelter directive has been made for the area where you live or for the area you will drive through to arrive to the school, wait until the shelter directive is lifted. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMAIN INDOORS DURING A DIRECTIVE TO SHELTER. 

    Do not panic; your children are in good hands. Drive carefully to the school to pick up your children. Thank you for your cooperation.


    Sincerely, Dale Lauver

    Director of Facilities, Planning & Management