Parental Consent for Websites

  • Some apps and websites require parental permission for student use, particularly for students under the age of 13. Parents will be informed of the “Terms of Use” and the “Privacy Policy” of each of these tools prior to use. If the app/website requires a student login, parents must authorize the use of the particular resource.

    Students will be expected to behave appropriately and follow all code of conduct rules, including the “Acceptable Use Policy”. All sites and apps will be used under the supervision of the classroom teacher. Students are not to visit websites or use apps on their own unless directed by the classroom teacher as a part of instructional activities. Below is a list of websites and/or apps that are being used to support the DASD curricula. Each requires a student login or parental permission and parents should read through each policy carefully. Other electronic tools may be introduced throughout the year with proper guidance. The DASD administrative team has approved the use of these electronic tools.