• Hear what our parents, students, and teachers are saying about the Downingtown Cyber Academy
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    "Though I keep hearing about kids falling behind during the pandemic, this has not been our experience with DCA. If anything, he has accelerated this year. My son has received a top-notch education and while he chooses to do most of his learning asynchronously, his teachers are incredibly responsive. His self-advocacy, written communication, and ownership have all grown this year. I would recommend DCA to anyone who is looking for a great education with flexibility." -Michelle Smith, 8th Grade Parent
    "The DCA has been a great experience for my daughter. The teachers were all great, engaging and made this a very positive experience for her. My daughter has received High Honors each marking period. CoVid made education unsteady for the 2020-2021 school year, but the DCA was consistent positive education." - Jenni Rieben, 6th Grade Parent
    "My experience in DCA has been great because I have learned a lot during this year. All my teachers have given me extra support whenever I needed. The best thing about DCA was the flexibility that I had and learn at my own pace." - Joseph G, 7th Grader
    "This was the best decision we ever made for our daughter." - Beverly W., parent of  Downingtown High School West student 

    "It seems as though a lack of face-to-face time would discourage students from self-advocating or seeking help from the teacher, but I've found that, in some ways, I've been more involved in student work and learning through cyber classes than face-to-face classes. The dialogue is ongoing and constant, lending itself well to growth and encouragement on both ends." - Denise Shovlin, Downingtown West and Downingtown Cyber Academy English Teacher

    "The cyber program was so helpful to us while my son was away from home [playing hockey].    He was able to choose his classes and make sure they were NCAA-approved.   They kept a close eye on his progress and made sure he was on point." - Tracey L., parent of Downingtown High School East student  

    "I love this [cyber] program because you can go at your own pace. You can plan [ahead], and you have plenty of chances to make your grade higher if you get a bad grade." - S.A, Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center student

    "I would say that having [my son] in the cyber school has allowed [him] to complete an excellent Downingtown education while playing a sport in a different state. It has meant the world to us that he can graduate from Downingtown." - Lisa R, parent of Downingtown High School East student

    "As an athlete who often travels for tournaments, cyber school allows me to not miss out on my education. I can log on at any time and pick up where I left off. But it does demand excellent time management skills and a great deal of self-discipline." - VR, Downingtown High School East student

    "My son enjoys the option of online class because he can go at his own pace and contact the teacher if he has questions.  He has learned a few lessons in time management at a young age, and I believe his experience will serve him well in both middle and high school." - Shannon L, parent of Uwchan Hills Elementary School student
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    "The cyber program has given my son the flexibility to work at his own pace, without the stress of being in the classroom." - Melissa G., parent of Downingtown High School East student

    "I like to take cyber courses because they are fun and have a lot of stuff to help you grasp new concepts." - D.W., Pickering Valley Elementary School student