• Hear what our parents, students, and teachers are saying about the Downingtown Cyber Academy
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    "Though I keep hearing about kids falling behind during the pandemic, this has not been our experience with DCA. If anything, he has accelerated this year. My son has received a top-notch education and while he chooses to do most of his learning asynchronously, his teachers are incredibly responsive. His self-advocacy, written communication, and ownership have all grown this year. I would recommend DCA to anyone who is looking for a great education with flexibility." -Michelle Smith, DCA Parent
    "I have liked cyber school. I have learned a lot in kindergarten this year! My favorite thing about DCA is [my teacher] and Number Blocks." - Alex G, Kindergartener
    "The DCA has been a great experience for my daughter. The teachers were all great, engaging and made this a very positive experience for her. From my perspective as a parent listening daily to the Zooms – there was a ton of engagement, a ton teaching as well as patience with the students navigating new systems.  I heard laughter from everyone, including the teachers.  My daughter has received High Honors each marking period. The DCA was a consistent, positive education." - Jenni Rieben, DCA Parent
    "My experience in DCA has been great because I have learned a lot during this year. All my teachers have given me extra support whenever I needed. The best thing about DCA was the flexibility that I had and learn at my own pace." - Joseph G, 7th Grader
    "It seems as though a lack of face-to-face time would discourage students from self-advocating or seeking help from the teacher, but I've found that, in some ways, I've been more involved in student work and learning through cyber classes than face-to-face classes. The dialogue is ongoing and constant, lending itself well to growth and encouragement on both ends." - Denise Shovlin, Downingtown West and Downingtown Cyber Academy English Teacher

    "My experience in DCA has been great because I have learned a lot during this year. All my teachers have given me extra support whenever I needed it. The best thing about DCA was the flexibility that I had and learn at my own pace." - Joseph G, 7th Grader
    "My daughter is a 6th grader in the DCA. Her teachers are amazing and I am grateful for the academic lessons provided, but the most important thing my daughter learned in the DCA is who she is as a learner. She developed a strong sense of agency and responsibility from her DCA experience." - Lauren Alexandro, DCA Parent
    "In addition to getting phenomenal grades, [my son] has learned to manage his time, communicate via email with his teachers, and has had the flexibility to get extra sleep in the morning and create his own work schedule. He is so energized and self-motivated that I don't see how a traditional full-day brick-and-mortar schedule will work for him going forward. We also were able to observe first-hand how easy some of his subjects are for him, and which one he struggles in. We are grateful to have the DCA create a tailored educational program that is just right for him." - Tara Haarlander, DCA Parent
    "Our first year in the DASD Cyber Academy was nothing short of spectacular. My [first grade] daughter developed a more positive outlook on school (excited every day for class), had more time for recess with peers, and advanced her reading and math skills. The dedication and support to each child’s academic success are shown daily by her Teacher and the admin team of DCA. I appreciate their hard work and positivity; our students are thriving because of it!" - Stacy Halk, DCA Parent
    "Third grade DCA has been amazing for my son. The teachers have been engaging, encouraging, and are excellent at providing a challenging academic school year. My son has learned to work independently and the importance of time management through asynchronous learning, while the flexibility allowed us to seize the day and take advantage of opportunities like midweek skiing, hiking, and family visits. Thanks so much!" - Kara Rubinich, DCA Parent
    "The administrators of DCA do a great job with communication. This learning format is great for students who are motivated to learn and benefit from a flexible schedule. One week, all work could be completed in two days, the next week it could be spread out over seven. Assignments are easily accessible, and a printer isn't required. No need for loose paperwork! I value being able to support my children as needed around my own full-time work schedule. Teachers make themselves available to review assignments and set goals. I confidently recommend the DCA program for families with children who want to learn and would benefit from the ability to self-pace for task management." - Shannon Battista, DCA Parent
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    "[My child's Kindergarten teacher], and all of the encore teachers our son has had this year, have been amazing! The staff make their classes so much fun and are super responsive to emails. We appreciate each and everything DCA has done to make this year so enjoyable." - Meghan Corey, DCA Parent
    "My child had a 100% increase in performance, enjoyed and grew in self-management. Kudos to the instructors who were available and responsive and the material was so creative it included art, music, and multi-media. Impressive! We're grateful Downingtown has [the DCA]! - Robin Kelly, DCA Parent
    "[My child's first-grade teacher] was one of the very best teachers we have had to date in our 5 years at DASD. Her professionalism, parent communication, and clear love for our child, and her gift of education have been exceptional. Her kindness and compassion for what she does were strong and clear throughout the entire school year. [The fourth-grade teachers'] kindness, creativity, and teamwork were excellent. The extra time each of these professionals took to make sure our children received a high-quality education virtually was so noticed and so appreciated. Both of our children were filled with tears of love for their teachers following the last [day of school] Zooms and I was moved to know how special it all has been! - 
    Julie O’Brien, DCA Parent