• Downingtown Area School District
    Summer School Original Credit and Enrichment Program

    Registration for original credit and encrichment courses for Summer 2019 is now closed.  Registration for Summer 2020 will open here on April 6, 2020.

    The Downingtown Area School District is offering a summer program that includes coursework for original credit and enrichment.

    All courses are completely cyber, except for Lifelong Activities.  The asynchronous cyber courses will either run in Schoology or in Edgenuity and will have weekly due dates. 

    Original Credit courses are courses that students are taking for the first time. The course is reported on the student’s official transcript and the grades are calculated into the student’s grade point average (GPA).  

    1-credit course: $375

    .5 or .33 credit course: $225

    Enrichment courses are non-credit classes taken for personal growth.  Students can choose to take an enrichment course without the pressure of a grade in order to explore an area of interest. Enrichment courses are not reported on a student's transcript and are not factored into a student's GPA; however,  students can certainly share these experiences with colleges and future employers in other ways.

    Enrichment course: $225

    Students will need their own device to access the Internet. Students who are planning to be without Internet access for a week or more (e.g. on vacation in the mountains) should wait and take the course during the school year.

    Please note: Students should expect to spend a minimum of 12-15 hours per week on a .5 credit course and 25-30 hours per week on a 1-credit course. Summer school courses cover the same amount of material as the year-long course, so plan accordingly!



    April 1 - April 26th: Summer school registration period. No registrations will be accepted after this period.

    May 6 - May 17 at 3:00 pm: Families must pay for the course in Payforit.  Non-payment of the course means that the student is no longer enrolling.

    May 18 - June 7: $50 fee charged for any withdrawals from a course during this time period.  There are no refunds issued after June 7.


    May 13 (DMS during REACH in the library)

    May 14 (LMS during REACH in the library)

    May 20 (STEM during SEMINAR in the KnowCo)

    May 28 (DHSE during lunches and after school in the library)

    May 30 (DHSW during lunches and after school in the library)

    June 10 (12:00 pm at Central Administration Building)

    Students must attend one mandatory orientation for summer school on one of the above dates. Students will receive their login information at this orientation.

    June 17: All cyber summer school courses begin.

    June 21: Final day for students to withdraw from an original credit course without a "Withdraw/Fail" on their transcripts.

    July 4: No classes held.

    July 11: Lifelong Activities class ends.

    Face-to-Face Final Exam for Driver's Safety Education only!

    August 1 (9:30 am at Central Administration Building)

    August 5 (12:30 pm at Central Administration Building)

    August 9: Last day for all online original credit and enrichment courses.