• Small Counseling Groups

    The American School Counselor Association views group counseling as an efficient and effective way to meet students’ academic, career, social/emotional developmental and situational needs. Group counseling makes it possible for students to achieve healthier academic and personal growth in a rapidly changing global society. Group counseling is an integral part of a comprehensive school counseling program and should be included in comprehensive school counseling programs and supported by school administrators and school districts. The school counselor’s training in group process benefits students, families, school staff and administration. Group counseling has a positive effect on academic achievement and personal growth. 


    ASCA: The School Counselor and Group Counseling


    Participation in a small guidance group can be a wonderful way for students to work together to enhance skills and solve problems. The group offerings are primarily designed to enhance social skills, coping skills, organizational skills, as well as support students experiencing many of life's challenges.



    2018-19 Group(s):

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