• Visit www.dwestpostprom.com to see pictures of past events!


    The first Post Prom meeting is October 16, 2017 at 7:00pm in the Library! 

    Come join us to lay out the plans for the big event in June, 2018 

    Post Prom is June 1, 2018! 

    Post Prom News Flash!! 

    Parents, please have a conversation with your child about what their plans are for prom night and encourage them to attend Post Prom. You will know that they are not only safe and sound, but having fun and winning some great prizes! 

    Raffle Items   Raffle Items   Raffle Items  Raffle items   Raffle Items   Raffle Items

    Prizes: In past years, prizes were, but not limited to: $400 Best Buy Gift cards, $50 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift cards, PS4 game system Bundle, Xbox One Game system bundle, 24" Samsung TVs, Keurig coffee makers, Beats Solo headphones, Bose wireless speakers, Go-Pro, Fit Bits, various themed raffle baskets and much much more!
    Please visit our Post Prom Website!  Click Here (links to external site)!