Elementary Strings at DASD

  • Any student in third, fourth or fifth grade is eligible to participate in the String Orchestra program. The String Orchestra is made up of the four instruments in the string family: violin, viola, cello and bass. Once the students have chosen an instrument, they will receive one 30 minute lesson every 6-day cycle.

    Students are expected to practice their instruments at home about 4-5 times for 15-20 minutes between lessons. Practice is necessary to ensure that continual forward progress is made. Our String Orchestra curriculum focuses on teaching rhythm, note reading, tone production, technique and music history. Students will be assessed through informal and formal playing assessments at each lesson. 

    By participating in the String Orchestra, students learn about responsibility and time management as they must remember to come to lessons and practice outside of class. Additional responsiblities include staying on top of classroom studies as the students are pulled from classes during the day for lessons. The material that is missed during the lesson is still expected to be made up, and in the event of a test or presentation, students are asked to speak with me to arrange a new lesson time. Also, students do not miss the same class each week because the lesson rotation is arranged so their lesson times will change every week.

    3rd Grade students have one concert at the end of the school year during the school day. They will have a few before-school rehearsals where the entire Beginner Orchestra will practice together to prepare for this concert. Our 4th and 5th Grade students perform in two concerts during the school day and in the evening at the Winter and Spring Concerts. The 4th and 5th Grade String Orchestra will have before-school rehearsals for a majority of the school year to prepare for the concerts. 5th Grade students also have the opportunity to participate in 5th Grade String Festival, a district-wide String Orchestra comprised of the most dedicated and talented students from all ten elementary schools. 

    String Orchestra lessons help reinforce how beneficial it is to have music as a part of our daily lives. Students involved in music ensembles make friends and develop several critical life skills, including: cooperation, patience, persistence, resilience, responsibility, tolerance, teamwork. Most importantly, we will have fun making music together! Our concerts showcase how hard the students work and how wonderful the students sound when playing their instruments together. DASD is so lucky to have a successful and strong music program