5th Grade Band

  • Band lessons will be on Day E

    October 20


    10:00 (beginning woodwinds <flute, clarinet, and saxophone>) Ava, Luke H., Faelan

    10:30 (beginning brass <trumpet, trombone, and baritone> ) Semaj, Lily, Anthony

    11:00 (beginning percussion) Ryan, Jason, Rosalina, Logan

    11:30 (flute) Riley

    1:30 (brass <trumpet and trombone>) Sonoma, Lucas

    2:00 (percussion) Aaron, Luke D., Patrick, Daniel

    2:30 Make Up lesson





AM Band Rehearsals

  • Band Rehearsals start at 7:45AM



    October 28

    November 9

    November 17

    December 1

    December 8


    Winter Concert is December 9